To assure a perfect job , it’s highly recommended that all joints be glued in addition to proper nailing to control expansion and contractors.  CertainTeed recommends TrimTight™ cellular PVC cement or Extreme PVC Trim Welder® adhesive for a perfect long lasting bond of your Restoration Millwork product installation.


Fasteners:  Cortex® Hidden Fastening System:

Fast and simple, the Cortex® Hidden Fastening System makes fastener heads virtually invisible – resulting in a far more beautiful finished look of your Restoration Millwork.  These fasteners provide a strong connection that can be painted.  Use with CertainTeed Restoration Millwork PVC trim in both smooth and TrueTexture™ finishes.   Available in 50, 250 and 750 lineal foot packages.

Technical Information

Full details on Restoration Millwork® product specifications.


For proper installation, using an appropriate PVC cement is critical especially for miter and scarf joints to help control expansion and contraction. We recommend Extreme PVC Trim Welder® or TrimTight™ cellular PVC cement. Our complete installation manual gives you the detailed instructions you need to help with proper installation.


Warranty Details

CertainTeed stands behind our Restoration Millwork® product with a 25-year limited warranty.

Sustainability Information

NAHB Research Center Green Approved.

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