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Technical Insulation

SoftTouch ™ Duct Wrap

Reduce unwanted heat loss or gain and condensation during system operation.

Technical Insulation

WideWrap Duct Wrap

Five-foot duct wrap accommodates larger ducts for less labor, less material, and a cleaner appearance.

Technical Insulation

ToughGard® R Duct Liner

Rotary liner for HVAC metal ducts that absorbs unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise.

Technical Insulation

Rigid Liner Board with ToughGard® Facing

High-quality acoustical and thermal board for the interior of HVAC sheet metal ducts and plenums.

Technical Insulation

Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board

A rigid board designed for fabrication into supply and return air HVAC duct work.