Take the Plunge: Going Online for Your Next Roofing Renovation


Taking on a home renovation is a chance to improve outdated interior styles or replace damaged exterior roofing, but if you’re like most people, the thought of a major residential renovation is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. 


Where to Find Roofing Renovation Inspiration

It’s exciting to consider how much more livable, roomy and modern your home may become with a new roof, but the amount of choices out there can be downright overwhelming – and carry a hefty price tag to boot!

You may think that choosing a new roofing style requires few considerations, but it is a great opportunity to get creative with your renovation.  Like everything else in home design, roofing has become much more sophisticated in recent years, with the emergence of new materials, colors and styles that might surprise you.  If you’re working with an architect, he or she can clue you in to the various roofing options to consider, but you should also do your own research to find roofing styles that inspire you.

Here are some places where you can find roofing styles to inspire your next residential renovation.

Home Design Publications

Years ago, in the pre-Internet age, builders and homeowners tracked down ideas by attending open houses, going to home shows or grabbing Architectural Digest and other home design magazines at the newsstand. 

Now, of course, you can find more information than you can ever possibly sift through on websites like Houzz and Pinterest

Remodeling Idea Websites

For the uninitiated, sites like Houzz and Pinterest let you research home design projects in a variety of ways:  you can scan photos posted by other consumers or vendors; read about renovation projects completed by others; and even do a simulation of the project you are imagining for your own home.  Both sites cover the entire residential home market – providing ideas on everything from architectural style to interior design options to home accessorizing.    

These sites let you do your own research. You can use their filtering feature to view photos showing  18 unbelievable roofing styles – everything from traditional, craftsman or Victorian styles to newer categories, like shabby-chic, contemporary or eclectic. 

On Pinterest, you can search for “roof” and select from a broad menu of categories, including “metal,” “colors” and “shingles,” to view photographs and read additional product and project details.



CertainTeed’s Design & Inspiration Center

The best place to learn about roofing, however, is to learn from a company like CertainTeed that specializes in building materials for home renovation.  If you look at their website, you can first educate yourself on the variety of roofing materials, colors and styles available and read professional blogs that offer roofing suggestions and guidance.  When you’re ready to start getting creative, you can take your search a step further by visiting the CertainTeed Design & Inspiration Center.  As with the options mentioned above, you can use filters here to zero in on the roofing types and specific features that most interest you.  There’s even an interactive ColorView tool where you can design roofing solutions using stock photography or upload photos of your own home to work with.

The benefit of exploring a major roofing manufacturer’s resources is that you will be getting your information from a trusted company that has been in the business for more than 100 years.  Instead of picking up tidbits from a consumer with limited knowledge in the field, or a vendor who may not directly deal with roofing, you will be learning from “the pros” who know the roofing industry inside and out.

Closing Thoughts

In the long run, be sure to do what works best for you during the planning stages of your renovation.  Are you comfortable walking through open houses or looking at magazines to determine your style?   Would you prefer to explore design inspiration from the comfort of your living room?  Do you want the personal but more-costly route of developing a plan with an architect? 

As you move through the process, begin to hone in on the photographs, designs and real-life projects that get you excited.  Once you’ve done a fair amount of research, it’s OK to relax a bit and let your budget, knowledge base and gut instincts be your guide!