Helping You Get Back Home Again

Whether it’s a flooded basement, a damaged roof or something much more serious, storm damage is hard. It leaves us feeling vulnerable and exposed and we want nothing more than to get back home and back to normal.

To make that journey as easy as possible we’ve gathered the resources you’ll need to assess the damage, create an action plan and start to rebuild – and rebuild right  –  so you’re better prepared if there’s a next time.


We’re Here to Help:

  • Make sure you are rebuilding to code by reviewing FEMA's Building Code Resources.
  • Get back on your feet fast with the resources and product research you need in one easy location.
  • Use our Find a Pro tool to find credentialed CertainTeed contractors in your area.
  • Contact our Customer Support Group by calling (800) 233-8990 for product support, technical information, or to be connected to a trusted contractor, remodeler or sales representative near you.

We are standing by to provide the products and support you need so you can get back to normal fast.



Helpful Resources

5 Realities of Flood Repair

Excess water in the home, whether it comes from a major storm or a season of excessive rain, brings with it a lot of problems. Watch this video for our five tips to returning to a dry, safe place as soon as possible.

Your heart sinks and your mind races after a storm damages your home. What should you do? We talked with State Farm spokesperson Dave Phillips who walked us through the basics of homeowners insurance and storm damage.

Excess moisture and moderate temperatures are ideal conditions for mold growth. Unfortunately mold loves to hide. Use this tip to alert you to the potential of mold behind the walls.

Hiring the right contractor can be daunting in the best of situations. Doing it under the pressure of storm damage can be especially stressful. Deep breath and follow these simple steps.

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Rebuild Right



The best way to avoid to future moisture problems is to start with the rebuild. This video introduction outlines the features and benefits of CertainTeed’s MoistureSense Technology products that help prevent mold in your walls.

Choosing the right insulation is critical. Whether your top concern is moisture, noise, or energy efficiency (or all three), our easy-to-use selector tool will help you choose products to ensure your total comfort and peace of mind.

When moisture threatens your walls and the conditions are right, mold can grow. You can avoid mold and mildew with the right drywall.

Your roof protects your home. If it needs to be repaired or replaced make sure that the roofing profile you select can stand up to the weather that can put your home at risk.

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