Friday October 14, 2016


Here's what we've been reading this week: 



Pinapple image courtesy of Coastal Living; Living room courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens


Coastal Living shows us how to have fun with pumpkins and other Halloween basics. These mix of ideas show you don’t have to live in a cool climate to love a good holiday craft! 

Need an excuse to head outside this weekend? Why not spend some quality time with your yard. Rodale’s Organic Life offers 6 things you can do now to ensure a gorgeous lawn spring.

It is also a good idea to clean your gutters before the leaves start to fall. tells you how. And while you’re up there, give your roof a good once over. Our experts tell you how to do it and what to look for. The last thing you’ll want is to deal with is a roof leak in winter!

Prefer to stay inside? Check out these gorgeous rooms from BH&G! The article shows you how to design for dark wood floors but the rooms are pretty enough to inspire all of us.