The optimal color mix has the power to bring out the best features of your home’s exterior while expressing your personal style. CertainTeed offers over 40 color choices from bright tones to deep hues and rich blends to help you achieve your vision. Here are basic color combination principles to get you started.

Blues, greens and cool grays create the peaceful look of calm water under a clear sky. This soothing palette ranges from a bright, icy hue like glacier blend to a deep, woodland hue like forest.

Warm tones like red, yellow and brown give your home a welcoming feel. Cedar Impressions and Monogram offer rich, warm color blends that call to mind the natural beauty of wood. 

For homes with many design elements, closely related colors in shade, value or intensity will help unify and simplify its appearance. Choose from a warm or cool color palette to achieve this subdued look.

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Simple Layout

 Homes with simple designs gain a pleasing complexity when contrasting, but complementary, colors are used. This also works well to make interesting architectural features really pop.

Rich shades of gray, brown, green and red add drama, making large homes appear smaller and small homes appear bolder. Deep hues can add a little bit of edge or hide architectural features.

Light colors add volume and interest to smaller homes, and soften sharp edges. Bright hues will also help a home appear to move forward, especially if it is set far back from the curb.

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout


A virtual swatch book, ColorCoach is a simple tool designed to give you more confidence in your color choices.

Mix and match colors on pre-populated home designs, or upload a photo of your own home.

Make product selection a breeze with our CurbAppeal™ app for the iPad®.  Review and select colors, styles and textures. Browse a gallery of homes for inspiration.

Explore color blends and solid colors for CertainTeed Cedar Impressions® Individual 5” Sawmill Shingles.