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You can learn all about choosing a professional roofing contractor and the proper installation of a new roof system by visiting the roofing section CertainTeed website. But what about the over-all look of a new roof? After installation what will the house look like? With literally hundreds of choices, selecting the right shingle can be a bit challenging. But don’t worry, with just a few design tips, you can create the kind of look that’ll enhance the best features of your house.

Let’s start with a quick shingle history lesson. Since the early 1900’s the three-tab or strip shingle was considered the industry standard. And while their performance has been good… color was about the only choice you had. Warranty coverage has increased over the years and today you can purchase twenty, twenty-five, or 30 year strip shingles.

Now, in 1965, CertainTeed changed roof remodeling when they introduced the first architectural or designer shingle. They called it the Hallmark Shangle. And soon the standard laminate, super shangle and super shake shingles were developed. Besides increasing the performance of the shingle, it also gave us a whole new palette to design from that offered even more colors and styles.

Now for roof remodeling projects, there are many different shingle choices out there. Narrowing down the one that’s right for your home is the challenge. There are a variety of shingles in the CertainTeed line that are perfect examples of how the look of a shingle can transform the look of your house. You can use the ColorView roof remodeling visualization tool to view the many different options available.

As you will see, simply by changing colors and styles of shingles a house takes on entirely different looks. Keep in mind, that most homes show a lot of roof, so the shingles you select are just as important as the colors and textures on the exterior walls. Try to go with shingles that blend with the house’s style and color scheme for your roof remodeling project.

You may want to visit homes referred by your contractor, to see how the shingles you’re interested in look on a roof. Also, keep in mind that the contractor can show you brochures, sample boards, and maybe even pictures of homes they completed in your area.

Year after year, CertainTeed shingles are rated number one by builders and roof remodeling contractors around the country. That’s because they have a great combination of performance and beauty. CertainTeed offers over 30 styles of shingles that are rated by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ASTM standard D3462 which assures the buyer excellent performance on the roof. A few different popular design options that you can look into are described below.

Let’s begin with the Landmark™ Series. This family of laminated shingles includes Landmark™Landmark™ PlusLandmark™ Premium and the incomparable Landmark™ TL that carries a lifetime limited warranty. From a design standard, you can see the angled cuts of the Landmark shingle help give it depth. Landmark Premium offers uses maximum definition color blends that gives it even more depth. The Landmark TL is a unique type of laminated shingle because its patented tri-laminate construction combines three layers of material to provide a dramatically thick shingle. The Landmark Series offers a color palette that imitates natural wood or stone.

Independence™ shingle is a design exclusive to CertainTeed. It is made on a full base shingle with randomly applied laminated overlay tabs. The combination of texture and random patterning gives Independence the look of wood shingles or slate depending on the colors selected.

Presidential Shake™ is another exclusive patented design. It is constructed of two layers of distinctively sculpted tabs that give it the depth and dimension of hand-split cedar shakes. This unique tab design creates a dramatic visual impact even on a low-sloped roof.

You can even combine two different colors to create a one-of-a-kind look. Using CertainTeed’s Special Effects combination codes provides dozens of options to custom design a roof.

Presidential Shake™ TL is constructed using tri-laminate technology and this super-heavyweight shingle is so thick, it casts its own shadow. You can see for yourself, this is as close to real shakes as it gets.

The Super Shangle, invented by CertainTeed includes Carriage House™ and Grand Manor™. Both products are super heavyweights made of two full-size shingles laminated together. This means that, when installed, four full shingles are layered over the roof.

Grand Manor’s bold, solid design gives it a look of slate. And when you step back and take a look at it, you can see why. The color choices are great because they offer a range that will compliment wood, stone, or a combination of both.

You can see from the “model” houses on ColorView, that by changing styles, textures, and colors, you can actually design with shingles. Today, your roof remodeling choices are plentiful and go beyond just picking a color. CertainTeed offers you a variety of options in the Good, Better and Best categories – from an economical strip shingle to an elaborate lifetime designer shingle. Your contractor can show you the complete CertainTeed product line. To locate a CertainTeed credentialed roofing contractor please visit the “Find a Pro” section of the CertainTeed website.

Now, some may think that’s too many roof remodeling products to choose from. But just remember you’re basically trying to pick a shingle that enhances the appearance of your home. So you can eliminate many of the choices that may not match with the look of your home. You should look at just the colors, and styles that are compatible with your type of home and its overall color scheme. The roof should complement the look of the house and blend with the entire picture.

So as you review the different CertainTeed shingles, think about ways that you can add to the beauty of your home. Think about how much a new roof increases your home’s curb-side appeal or its resale value. Review your options carefully before selecting a shingle. A new roof should be considered a long-term investment that will beautify your home. A new roof will outlive a new car so be sure to pick a roof that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

For more information, please visit CertainTeed’s roofing products page.

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