Symphony composite slate shingles is a masterpiece of synthetic slate design with enduring qualities of tooled craftsmanship, natural beauty, and harmony. Symphony is a specially-engineered composite roofing shingle that mimics the look and feel of natural slate, but is lighter, more durable and a fraction of the price.


  • Excellent weathering capabilities for long life, combined with exceptional UV fade-resistant surface technology for superior color stability
  • Class 4 Impact Resistant
  • Available in 6", 9" and 12" slate
  • 12" slate colors are pre-blended for faster installation
  • Available hip and ridge accessory to complement the shingles and enhance the slate-inspired look of the roofline
  • Thicker nominal ½" profile for a richer, more beautiful appearance

Technical Information

  • UL Class A fire resistance rating (with approved underlayment)
  • UL 2218, Class 4 Impact resistance rating
  • Passed UL testing for 110 MPH wind resistance at full 8" exposure
  • ASTM D3161 wind resistance
  • Superior fade resistant (UV) surface technology
  • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance: Please see the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) to determine apprved products by manufacturing location.


Symphony® Slate's contractor-friendly design and lighter weight makes it easy to install. It requires no special installation tools and can be fastened by hand-nailing or pneumatic nail gun, without cracking. It has excellent weathering qualities, withstands foot traffic and cold temperatures, and resists curling and buckling, unlike traditional slate that can crack under the weight of a misstep or shatter when temperatures dip too low. In addition, the shingles are shipped in pre-blended pallets, so contractors don't have to spend time sorting colors at the jobsite, and can begin installing the roof more quickly.

  • Minimum installation temperature: 15°F
  • Pre-blended 12" bundles and narrow width slates
  • Hip & ridge accessory products available
  • Superior slip resistant surface
  • Installation guides, pre-dimpled nail gun pocket, spacing notches

Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details. Available in both English and Spanish.

Warranty Details

  • 50-year, limited transferable warranty
  • 7-year SureStart™ warranty that covers 100% of replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects

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