DryRoof® SA is a lightweight, self-adhering underlayment that provides a watertight seal around fasteners and roof penetrations to prevent leaks and water damage. 

Featuring a split-release backing for fast and secure installation, DryRoof® SA is designed for use as a wind-driven rain guard along eaves, roof penetrations, and valleys. It is UV-exposure-resistant for six months, sticks well to most surfaces, offers excellent elasticity, and has a slip-resistant sand surface to reduce risk of falls. 

Designed for use in conjunction with asphalt shingles, DryRoof® SA is warranted against manufacturing defects, and meets the requirements for use in a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System – providing contractors with a cost-friendly underlayment option for offering manufacturer-backed extended roof system warranties. 


Technical Information

  • Weight per roll: 45 lbs
  • Roll Area: 195 sq ft
  • Roll Length: 65'
  • Roll Width: 36" 
  • Rolls per pallet: 33
  • Meets ASTM D1970; D2523; D903; D1204; D4073; E96
  • Florida Product Approval #30046
  • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
  • UL 790: Classified for use as underlayment beneath Class A, B, or C fire rated shingle systems


DryRoof® SA’s adhesive bottom surface is protected with a disposable silicone-coated release film, which is split down the middle for simple application. The "Peal & Flop" method is especially effective in valleys and other difficult places using manageable lengths. Even more important, it can be repositioned before deck adhesion occurs. For additional installation information, refer to the Underlayment Installation Instructions.

Warranty Details

DryRoof® SA waterproof underlayment is warranted against manufacturing defects and to remain watertight for the same period as the warranty duration carried by the shingles applied above it - up to a maximum of 50 years.

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