Available in black, brown, weathered wood and gray, these slant back static roof vents are an excellent performer against weather infiltration, especially on steep-slope roofs. Our one-piece construction reduces any possibility of leaks as well as reduces the chance of the unit coming apart. Our unit has a distinct advantage as our base and collar is one-piece of material where others are rolled formed together.

Technical Information

Base and collar designed as one-piece of material where others are rolled formed together One-piece base/throat, round throat, louvered Large flange for easy installation 50 sq. inches of net free area Fits roof pitches from 3/12 to 12/12 8" diameter of opening 6 pieces per box Helps extend your roof and shingle life Available in 4 color options: black, brown, weatherwood and gray


Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details.

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