This high-performance ridge vent is designed with an internal weather filter and external baffles and proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined. CertainTeed Ridge Vents combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent, are the most efficient and effective systems you can install. Benefits Works year-round to ventilate the attic Provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof Slim design for visual appeal Provides a higher volume of airflow per square foot of attic area than any other fixed-vent system Design maximizes airflow across the entire underside of roof sheathing Changes in wind direction have no significant effect on vent performance

Technical Information

External wind baffle deflects wind and weather over the vent and creates low pressure above the vent to pull air out of the attic Built-in ventilating weather tight end plug flexes for different roof pitches and protects roof decking Each vent has 16 sq. in. of net free area per linear foot Accommodates roof pitches from 3/12 to 12/12 Louver openings are sized to minimize insect infiltration and windblown debris Internal weather filter reduces infiltration of windblown snow, rain and dust


Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details. Available in English, Spanish and French.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed warrants that its ventilation products will be free of manufacturing defects, and provides the extra assurance of SureStart ™ protection. Below are highlights of the warranty for CertainTeed Ridge Vent. See CertainTeed's Roofing Ventilation Products Limited Warranty document for specific warranty details regarding this product. Lifetime, limited transferable warranty 5-year SureStart warranty (100% replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects)

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