Nevada Dome Home

When one thinks of geodesic domes, one can see visions of futuristic planetariums and fictional homes on planets in galaxies far, far away. The design, made popular by architect engineer R. Buckminster Fuller, can be seen in many commercial structures, such as the iconic Spaceship Earth of Disney’s Epcot Center and the Biosphere Environmental Museum in Montreal, Quebec. The dome’s unique triangular, lattice-shell construction allows stress to be distributed throughout the structure, making buildings employing the technique durable and exponentially stronger as they grow in size.

Fixing a Deteriorating Roof

While an unlikely choice for residential living, a geodesic dome is actually known as an alternative housing construction type and it was the perfect fit for one Reno homeowner. Yet when the home’s original wood shake roof started to deteriorate, the homeowner needed a roofing company familiar with the erratic weather conditions in northern Nevada to install a new, high-performing roof that could endure a climate that sees snow, high winds and heat throughout the year.

To properly protect the complex alternative living structure, the homeowner chose Scott Roofing, LLC, a Nevada-based company with 70 years of experience and CertainTeed’s SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential.

New Roof Specs

“Luckily, we’ve worked with geodesic domes previously,” said Justin Jove, general project manager at Scoot Roofing. “Due to the steep slope of the dome, we chose CertainTeed’s family of products, which includes design specs for 20:12 run slopes.”

A Reliable Roof System

They also installed a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System®, which combines underlayments, starter shingles, shingles, hip and ridge caps and ridge vents to work in tandem for lasting protection and extended warranty protection.

Premium Shingles

For the roof shingles, the team installed Landmark® Premium in Max Def Moire Black, heavyweight asphalt shingles offering the dimensional appearance of wood shake with a richer mixture of surface granules, providing Class A fire resistance and a 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty.

Landmark Premium shingles in Moire Black

“This particular project had a unique frame consisting of 55 triangles that essentially requires 55 separate ‘roofs’ to create one uniform and waterproof roof system,” said Jove. “Working on geodesic domes is really an art form, working on each triangle until the project is complete.”

By combining top-quality CertainTeed products with professional roofing experience and expertise, Scott Roofing executed a customized solution that embraces the roof’s shape and ensures that this unique and beautiful home will continue to perform against tough weather conditions for years to come.