Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report Shows Exterior Remodeling Provides Huge Returns

Homeowners and contractors can both get their money’s worth

Homeowners now have another reason to put those big ticket projects on their list of resolutions this year, as Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report highlights great ROI for exterior renovation projects.

Each year, the magazine gathers data on the price of 20 common remodeling projects. Then they surveyed real estate professionals in 149 markets nationwide – up from 100 in recent years – to estimate a home’s value after such remodeling projects are completed. The percentage of cost that is recouped can be calculated by comparing the cost and the estimated value.

This year, among the highest performing projects, coming in at number two (behind a garage door replacement), was manufactured stone veneer with a whopping ROI of 97.1%. Never tackled a stone project with your team? Well, now you can with our STONEfaçade™ Architectural Stone Cladding System. Any contractor can install the panelized system themselves – no stone mason involved. A mortar-less installation combined with a proprietary build-in rain screen reduces the risk of potential mold or mildew growth as well as long-term wall failure due to moisture intrusion. With lower installation costs, STONEfaçade™ will not only make any home look new and stylish, but your customers will also get a big bang for their buck.  

Close behind, siding replacement had an average ROI of 76.7%. With the broadest range of polymer, composite, insulated and vinyl siding, CertainTeed provides unmatched Freedom of Choice® with the option to mix and match products, styles and colors for a beautifully coordinated look, including popular Cedar Impressions® shakes and shingles, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Proprietary features like HammerTapper™ assist pads and patented PanelThermometer™ ensure accurate and quick installation and help prevent callbacks – increasing profits all around.

CertainTeed keeps your bottom line in mind, helping to make installations quicker without losing any of the quality, and the proof is in the numbers. Homeowners can get that curb appeal they’ve always craved, and you can help them add value without breaking the bank.