PVC Railing Manufacturers

CertainTeed® is among the leading PVC railing manufacturers. Our vinyl products are ranked number one in sales among all PVC railing manufacturers and brand names, and our products continually earn high marks for their exceptional quality and performance. CertainTeed’s EverNew® line of vinyl railing offers a winning combination of exceptional beauty, durability and easy care.

EverNew railing stays beautiful year after year, without the time-consuming and costly maintenance of wood railing. It’s virtually maintenance free and it never needs painting or staining. The rugged vinyl construction also offers superior weatherability — it won’t split, warp, rot or decay and is resistant to UV rays and salt spray.

All vinyl railing is not the same. Here’s what sets CertainTeed apart from other PVC railing manufacturers.

High Quality Raw Materials
Though our PVC railing products are simply referred to as “vinyl,” vinyl railing is actually a precise blend of carefully tested and controlled ingredients, all of which contribute to the performance, appearance and durability of our products. Top quality vinyl railing can only be produced from the highest quality raw materials, and PVC railing manufacturers like CertainTeed assure that our raw materials are certified to exacting standards.

Safe and Sound
EverNew PVC railing products are manufactured with safety in mind and meet stringent requirements for quality and performance. Our building code-approved vinyl railing systems have undergone third party testing as designated in reports CCRR-0187 (Oxford) and CCRR-0211 (Kingston). EverNew railing features heavy-duty, aluminum-reinforced top and bottom rails for enduring strength and secure rail-to-post connections.

Long-lasting Color
CertainTeed is the only PVC railing manufacturer to offer Color Last fade protection. This exclusive feature on our darker railing shades provides superior color retention and longer-lasting color when compared to competitive products.

Complete System
CertainTeed offers a complete system of vinyl railing and accessory products for every job and application. Our accessories include posts, caps and post trims that coordinate with all of our vinyl railing systems. Products come conveniently packaged in complete section boxed kits or component packs.

Outstanding Warranty Protection
Not all PVC railing manufacturers stand behind their products. CertainTeed backs its EverNew vinyl railing line with outstanding lifetime limited warranty coverage, including our exclusive SureStart™ protection. SureStart covers warranted repair and replacement costs — including labor — for a period of five years after installation.

Easy and Secure Installation
CertainTeed manufactures its PVC railing so it installs easily and securely. Our railing systems feature precision-fit routed components and include brackets that keep posts square and snug. The unique molded vinyl bracket covers provide a seamless appearance and protection from the elements.

An Industry Leader for More Than a Century
EverNew PVC railing is manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation, one of the nation’s largest and most respected building products manufacturers.

Choose CertainTeed and see what makes us better than all other PVC railing manufactures.