Railing Is Everything

One of the most popular ways to expand an outdoor living space is with a deck. It’s perfect for entertaining guests or watching the sunset from your own backyard—but no deck is complete without a railing system.  We caught up with, CertainTeed’s Manager - Application Specialist, Pat Sadler, to find out the 5 top tips on how to choose the best deck railing for the job.

  1. Read the instructions

The first tip I offer to installers is to read the instructions. We often treat instructions as a last resort, but ignoring them can save the aggravation of having to re-do a task, and often manufacturers document correct installation methods for code-approved products. Reading instructions can also save you time and time is money. Following the instructions precisely may also help you in the case of legal action.

  1. Consider safety implications

Railing systems provide the necessary protection homeowners need to make their deck a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re building a new deck or updating an existing one, safety is paramount. EverNew® Railing Systems from CertainTeed can help you achieve safety recommendations while adding an aesthetic touch to any outdoor living space.

  1. Durability and compatibility

Durability is another key consideration when choosing the railing to go with your deck.  The EverNew Railing line works with any type of deck material, including wood and composite and offers top-class durability.

  1. Aesthetics

From traditional colonial balusters to tempered glass, there is a wide range of railing options to choose from. Aluminum, composite or vinyl material are popular choices, and don’t forget to consider the rail style itself.

  1.  Accessories

To make a deck and railing system truly unique, you can help homeowners choose from a wide variety of post caps, including decorative caps with metallic tops or solar caps that use LEDs and light up at night.

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