Platinum Paper-faced Metal Drywall Beads and Trims are made with a unique, high quality paper laminated to various metal forms. The metal provides maximum strength and protection for the corner, while the paper provides reinforcement to prevent cracking caused by the movement or shrinkage of framing members. The result is a clean, precise corner that is long lasting, provides superior resistance to edge cracking, rust resistance and is not subject to fastener popping. Platinum Square Nose Tape-on Trims create a clean and precise square corner. The traditional styling of these corners provide sharp lines which give architectural details such as paint transitions and step bulkheads a more dramatic look. G1-U 3/4 Equal Leg O/S CNR 7’ PPR-MTL – 160768 G1-U 3/4 Equal Leg O/S CNR 8’ PPR-MTL – 160769 G1-U 3/4 Equal Leg O/S CNR 9’ PPR-MTL – 160771 G1-U 3/4 Equal Leg O/S CNR 10’ PPR-MTL – 160773

Technical Information

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Warranty Details

Since methods and condition of application such as temperature, humidity and over thinning are beyond our control, CertainTeed Gypsum, Inc. (CertainTeed) will not be responsible for the failure of this product when not used according to directions and specifications and accepted standards of procedure inherent in drywall application; or when reasonable allowance is not made by the user for adverse weather and job conditions. However, if this product proves to be defective, maximum liability shall be limited to replacement of the material only or refund of the purchase price. This shall be the full limit whatsoever of CertainTeed’s liability. All claims shall be submitted in writing to CertainTeed within thirty days from the date of discovery. State or federal laws may provide rights in addition to this warranty that cannot be modified or excluded.

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