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15/16" EZ Stab Cleanroom System

The 15/16˝ EZ Stab Cleanroom System is designed for controlled environment rooms and provides a clean, particulate free, sealed ceiling system.


15/16" EZ Stab Classic System

Popular 15/16" grid face, featuring redesigned EZ Clip & Patented Latitude™ Holes, provides quick and easy installation

15/16" EZ Stab Classic Environmental

The 15/16” EZ Stab Classic Environmental systems provides a grid system ideal for areas with extreme humidity, such as parking garages and commercial kitchens

15/16" EZ Stab Classic Aluminum Capped

The 15/16" EZ Stab Classic Aluminum Capped System provides a solution for areas where moisture is a concern, such as commercial kitchens, laboratories, and sanitary spaces

9/16" EZ Stab Elite Narrow System

The 9/16” EZ Stab Elite Narrow System offers a slim face width for a modern design and offers flexibility and added strength

Terminus Drywall Perimeter Trim

The Terminus Drywall Perimeter Trim system provides a pre-engineered solution for transitions to drywall, eliminating the need for vertical framing

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Terminus Fin Semi-Concealed Perimeter Trim

For use with Ecophon® Focus™ Dg & Ds panels, Terminus Fin Semi-Concealed Perimeter Trim adds an architectural design element to a perimeter trim system

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