Picking a Cool Roof Material

Cool roof materials are specially designed to help reflect the sun’s heat. Simply put, repel the heat, keep your home cool. It makes perfect sense. With a variety of style choices and materials, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect cool roof. Here’s a quick rundown of some options.

Type Product Design Cool Factor
Asphalt Shingle

Presidential Solaris Gold

Not all asphalt shingles look alike. The Presidential Solaris Gold is designed to mimic the appearance of wood shakes, but with all the benefits of cool roof asphalt shingles. Remember: Cool roofs don’t need to be light in color. The technology works for darker colors too. With 25% solar reflectivity, this roof will keep your home cool while showing off its deep color and dimension.
Asphalt Shingle

Landmark Solaris Platinum

Give your home a brilliant, radiant look with these cool roof shingles. The Solaris Platinum shingles come in 3 colors that will give any home a unique, dynamic appearance while offering the highest benefit of cool roof reflective technology. Your roof will look cool and be cool. The products may achieve up to 40% solar reflectivity, a unique level in the market for asphalt shingles.
Asphalt Shingle

Landmark Solaris Gold

A classic look for residential homes, these asphalt shingles are cooler than ever thanks to advanced roofing granules that reflect solar energy and radiate heat far better than traditional roofing shingles. With deeper colors and more dramatic dimensions, this roof is as cool as it looks, with 25% solar reflectivity.

Presidio Metal Roofing
Matterhorn Metal Roofing

Though it looks like real wood, with unique chiseling, cracks and spacing, this material has all the strength and durability of steel. The material is pre-weathered, aged and distressed giving any home a wonderful, natural look with the solar reflexive power of coated metal. Other variations of metal roofs include slate and tile. How can a metal roof stay cool? The answer is the Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology® featuring a PVDF Paint System and ENERGY STAR ® rated Cool Roof Technology. (Fancy talk for “science.”) A properly coated and painted metal roof offers more than 30% solar reflexivity, making it cooler than most asphalt shingles.
Flat Membrane Roofs

Flintlastic GTA Coolstar

Popular for commercial properties, and becoming more popular in the residential market, flat roofs covered with a membrane may seem like they’d eat up the sun and turn your home into an oven, but new materials help shove the sun away and keep the roof cool. CoolStar granules are designed to reflect the sun thanks to a highly reflective ceramic coating that bounces back 65% of solar radiation.
Green Roof


There’s no better way to connect with nature than by turning your flat roof into a private garden . While some green roofs are constructed on the jobsite, LiveRoof offers customers a faster, cheaper alternative with prefabricated green roof materials that make turning your roof into a tiny, personal park fast and easy.