Outdoor Living: Using Fences as Landscaping

Recently, we’ve seen a growing number of homeowners looking to expand their living space. This has led to the trend of turning backyards into grander places of leisure and entertainment, mimicking more of the comforts of indoor areas. Many homeowners are finding value in features such as outdoor kitchens and seating areas to host guests or relax with a good book, and choosing the right products to complement these features can make a world of difference in their appeal.

One product that homeowners often overlook as a decorative, complementary landscaping option is a fence. With a wide variety of textures and colors, fences offer an easy and low-maintenance way to personalize an outdoor living space.

Vinyl fences are a particularly hassle-free addition, as they never have to be painted, sanded or stained. In backyards with gardens, the durability of vinyl will withstand watering, whereas wood fences deteriorate over time if placed next to flower beds. The lack of staining also means less chemicals surrounding plants, which can slowly poison or kill expensive greenery and flowers. CertainTeed’s Fence Collection featuring SimTek Ashland™ and Bufftech CertaGrain® fences recreate the look and feel of real wood while skipping the worries of maintaining quality.

In addition to design, fences can also add privacy to a backyard space. Brookline, the newest contemporary horizontal fence in CertainTeed’s Bufftech® line, offers full privacy, as pickets are stacked with no space in between to block visibility from the outside. Bufftech Breezewood, which was released last year, offers a semi-private design, with minimal space showing between pickets for a more open look.

Homeowners who are searching for more natural accents for their gardens may prefer the stone wall appearance of SimTek® EcoStone®, which comes in a variety of natural granite colors and is resistant to any negative organic processes, as well as unwelcome spray paint graffiti.

Both SimTek and Bufftech fence lines also offer noise resistance, which can provide a more serene experience for any outdoor space.

No matter which look and feel homeowners are searching for, they’re guaranteed to find a long-lasting, low-maintenance design from the CertainTeed collection that fits their lifestyle and adds value to their landscaping.

To see CertainTeed’s complete offering of Bufftech and SimTek fences, visit our website or contact your Territory Manager for more information.