Hear it from the PROs, How NO-COAT® Makes Drywall Corners Faster and Easier

In nearly every niche of the trades, the labor shortage has become one the most significant industry challenges. From construction and carpentry to roofing and plumbing, the openings for skilled trade jobs in America is far outpacing the number of qualified tradespeople to fill them. 

With a boom in the construction industry, the shortage is hitting drywall contractors especially hard. Contractors face project after project with too much ground to cover and not nearly enough time to cover it.

Fortunately, CertainTeed is an industry name that more and more drywall contractors are turning to help their crews work faster, finish more efficiently, and keep up with the increasing demand. Among the company’s time-saving products and innovations, the NO-COAT® PRO Automatic drywall Corner System is creating a huge shift in the way finishers can tackle corner bead and save time in the process. 

NO-COAT PRO is an automated system that produces consistent, ready-to-install corner bead cut to any length for any angle with joint compound already applied for installation. It’s the first and only automated system that cuts corners to custom lengths. It not only saves time, but also helps reduce the risk of corner failures and callbacks.

As the outside finishing supervisor for New England Finish Systems in Boston, Robert Perry understands the value of every minute saved in the finishing process. That’s the main reason his crew uses NO-COAT PRO — it helps them cover the same amount of footage as metal bead but in a third of the time, as Robert explains in the video below. It’s a workflow efficiency that allows their team to meet deadlines that would be otherwise impossible to meet. 

Watch how the New England Finish Systems crew and other drywall contractors put NO-COAT PRO to use on their jobs in the videos below: 

The NO-COAT PRO system utilizes CertainTeed’s line of high strength structural laminate corners. NO-COAT Corners have a tapered copolymer core for severe impact resistance; joint tape that offers permanent bond and robust surface paper that eliminates cracks.

NO-COAT PRO creates a fast, automated workflow that streamlines cutting and joint compound application into one simple step — all with just the push of a button. No need for cutting with snips or a miter saw. No messy mud applied with a taping knife. Plus, the lightweight portability of the NO-COAT PRO machine makes it easy to move around the jobsite. 

“It’s just overall better, faster, and easier,” says Michael Caron, a finisher for Component Assembly Systems, Inc. Caron has been using the system to save time on jobs and to help train other installers on his team. “I can get a lot more done in a day with NO-COAT PRO.”

All drywall pros have their tried and true methods for cutting and hanging wallboard. Finishing is where the true artistry comes in—and where the real time savings can be had, especially with corner beads. Straight seamless corners can be tough to get right, and cutting specific lengths by hand or applying the right amount of joint compound require extra minutes that can add up to significant labor hours over the course of an entire job.

With NO-COAT PRO, drywall contractors can meet increased building demands by increasing productivity, and producing durable, high-quality results that hold up over the long-term delivering better business results. 

See the technology behind NO-COAT PRO, learn how it works, and watch it in action on the job with the videos below.

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