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A Review of Tips, Techniques and News for Contractors  •  2015 Vol. 2

Ageless Beauty: The "Lasting" Look of Natural Cedar

CertainTeed Introduces New Cedar Impressions® Individual 5"
Sawmill Shingles
Individual Sawmill Shingles

Homeowners now have a new option that offers ageless beauty and savings if they are considering the beauty and refined classic look of natural cedar shingles for their new home. This option will also appeal to homeowners looking to replace their shingle siding that has weathered, cracked, split, curled or bowed over time.

CertainTeed's new Cedar Impressions Individual 5" Sawmill Shingles are the industry's first polymer shingles that offer multiple, maximum natural cedar appearances with the minimum of care. That means homeowners have the freedom to choose the cedar appearance they prefer – freshly sawn or aged – and keep the look they choose forever, with very little maintenance and significant cost reduction over the long-term.

CedarLife™ Color Blends

To capture the appearance of natural Eastern White and Western Red Cedar at various time-weathered stages, CertainTeed has created the new patent-pending CedarLife Color Blends. With four color families – Natural, Cedar, Driftwood and Rustic Blends, each with light, medium and dark shades, CedarLife enables the selection of unique, random color patterns for exceptional design and curb appeal.


As well as using the 5" exposure indication marks on both side edges of each shingle, chalk lines can be snapped on the wall 12" above the bottom edge of each course for an additional guide to keeping courses straight and level. This method will be necessary in cases where course exposures are adjusted, to create full exposures over and under trim. Creating a story pole would be the suggested practice for this format, to assure courses are consistent on all sides of the building.

From freshly cut to aged, the durable CedarLife technology locks in the appearance of your choice to ensure that either a fresh or weathered look will last a lifetime. With CertainTeed's TrueTexture™, Cedar Impressions Individual 5" Sawmill Shingles have the molded textures and patterns that replicate the effect of saw blades for that authentic finish.

CertainTeed's newly developed CedarLife Blend-it™ Tool enables professionals to help guide their customers through the color selection process, mixing Color Blends to their desired effect. This tool gives them the freedom of design to create a truly distinctive look for their home.

The Craftsman's Touch

In the U.S., the art of cedar shingle installation has been perfected over the last two centuries. Craftsmen who have always worked with cedar can apply their same skills to the installation of Cedar Impressions Individual 5" Sawmill Shingles, which come in seven widths (4, 4.25, 4.5, 5, 5.75, 6.75 and 8 inches), while professionals familiar with polymer panel installations will find it easy to learn. Though Cedar Impressions install like real wood, on-site trimming or finishing with stains or bleach is unnecessary. In addition, waste is minimized as the shingles install easily around windows, doors and corners, pairing perfectly with CertainTeed's Restoration Millwork® trim product line.

Limited availability in New England and Mid-Atlantic states

For more information about CertainTeed's Cedar Impressions Individual 5" Sawmill Shingles or to request copies of the brochure, call 800-233-8990, visit www.certainteed.com, or contact your CertainTeed Territory Manager.

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New Siding Profile Recreates Charm of Early American Structures

CertainTeed Presents New Single 7-inch Board & Batten Siding Profile
Single 7inch Board & Batten

The popularity of board and batten siding flourished in the early part of the 19th century in America, particularly with the American Carpenter Gothic Style of architecture. To recreate this traditional look, CertainTeed introduces its new Single 7-inch Board & Batten Vertical Siding profile.

This latest profile beautifully rounds out CertainTeed's full offering of Board & Batten that includes the popular 8-inch panel and combines traditional rough cedar flat-panel beauty (5-½-inch board) with the ultimate strength and durability of .052-inch thickness.

PermaColor Lifetime Fade Protection

Freedom of Choice®

The new Single 7-inch profile offers premium thickness and high performance, along with 10 new darker colors to create a robust color palette of 22 options, delivered through CertainTeed's PermaColor™ System. The new colors include: Autumn Red, Charcoal Gray, Flagstone, Forest, Hearthstone, Mountain Cedar, Pacific Blue, Sable Brown, Spruce and Terra Cotta.

The unique, darker shades and deluxe color options meet an array of preferred design choices that are perfect for the entire house or accent applications.

The Board & Batten 7-inch profile is easily installed and can be mixed and matched with any horizontal vinyl panel combination and also works well with CertainTeed's complete line of Decorative Trim and Vinyl Carpentry™ accessories.

For information on CertainTeed's new Single 7" Board & Batten profile, visit www.certainteed.com, or click here for CertainTeed's Board & Batten glamour brochure.

To request new Board & Batten support items including glamour brochure, fandeck, folder and showroom board, contact your local CertainTeed Territory Manager.

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Filling the Gap for Some Peace of Mind

CertainTeed's EverNew® Gate Kits for Decks and Porches
Evernew Gate Kits

Many people these days spend as much time as they can outside on the deck, in their favorite chair, having coffee, cocktails, dinner or just reading a good book – outdoor living at its best! To that end, there seems to be a trend towards building decks, patios and porches in order to facilitate that lifestyle.

People can already relax knowing that you have a code-approved CertainTeed railing around the deck. However, that opening at the top of the stairs still leaves some doubt … especially when their kids, grandkids or pets are hanging out with them.

Well, good news: we can now fill that gap with a self-closing, key-lockable gate designed to complement your CertainTeed railing system. CertainTeed's EverNew Gate Kits, available for Oxford and Kingston railing systems, include all parts needed to build a railing gate up to 60" wide – aluminum reinforced uprights, horizontal aluminum "I" beams, rails, balusters, upright caps, screws, hinges, a universal latch and the attachment hardware; an instruction manual includes templates for correct screw placement.

The gate, which features a heavy-duty internal aluminum frame for sturdy construction and longevity, is easy to order. By simply knowing the railing name, baluster style, color and height your customer is interested in, you can place an order with your supplier.

For more information about CertainTeed's EverNew Gate Kits and to see the full line of EverNew Railing, Porch and Decking Systems, call 800-233-8990, visit www.certainteed.com, or contact your CertainTeed Territory Manager.

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CertainTeed En Route to a Distributor Near You

CertainTeed branded trailer

The next time you're driving down the highway, keep an eye out for one of CertainTeed's new branded trailers. The trailers – 85 in all – will be travelling across the country to bring CertainTeed siding products to a distributor near you.

The new trailers offer a number of benefits and prominently feature the CertainTeed logo to help build brand awareness among consumers.

"The trailers make it easier and safer to load product at the plants and unload it at customer locations," said SPG Transportation Manager Amanda Luckenbill. "Our drivers are also happier with the newer, cleaner equipment." Luckenbill notes that turnaround time on repairs for standard wear and tear will be improved through standardization of parts, helping to keep deliveries running smoothly and on schedule.

The trailers are based in Jackson and Hagerstown. Expectations are they will travel between 2.5–3 million miles per year.

To locate a CertainTeed distributor or retailer near you, call 800-233-8990, or visit http://www.certainteed.com/Locators/WhereToBuySearch.aspx.

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Detroit Family Raps Their Way to $100,000 Home Makeover

The Bird Family's Winning Video Garners National and International Media Attention
Home Makeover Winners

With nothing to lose, and a home makeover to gain, the Bird family of Farmington Hills, Michigan clinched the win for this year's CertainTeed $100,000 Living Spaces® Facebook® Home Makeover Contest. Their winning video – "Rappin' for a Redo," a melody-turned-rap number – detailed the siding, insulation, roofing and decking woes of their 1940s home.

The lucky family, whose win garnered local, national and international media attention with USA Today and the UK's Daily Mail picking up their story, received a complete renovation including siding, fence, railing, roofing, insulation and exterior trim – with the entire process documented for distribution through a series of webisodes produced by CertainTeed.

Participants were required to submit a fun, creative 90-second video to demonstrate why their home should win. Anne and Lee Bird, along with their two children, entered a creative video that definitely engaged Facebook viewers, putting it into the semi-finalist category. From there, the CertainTeed judges selected them as the grand prize winners. They received the news of their win in person during a surprise visit by CertainTeed this past summer. It was clear from their astonished reaction that the Bird family was truly shocked to have been selected, which was captured on video and posted to the CertainTeed Living Spaces Facebook page.

Detroit-area contractors with CertainTeed 5-Star, Select Shingle Master credentials were chosen to install the siding, roofing, fence and insulation products including: Indoor-Outdoor Remodeling & Cabinetry of Livonia, Victor's Roofing of Canton, Kimberly Fence & Supply of Warren and Gypsum Supply Company of Troy. Construction on the Bird home has been completed. The webisodes, capturing all the dramatic details of the extensive transformation, starring the Birds and the local team of contractors, will go live in 2016.

To view all the makeover webisodes documenting the home makeovers and products used, visit the CertainTeed Living Spaces Facebook page: www.facebook.com/certainteedlivingspaces and the CTLivingSpaces YouTube® Channel.

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