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New PitchPerfect™ In-Home Selling System Adds
Freedom of Choice™ Presentation

PitchPerfect™ In-Home Selling System
As the iPad® becomes the sales tool of choice for 5-Star and Master Remodeler Contractors, CertainTeed's new PitchPerfect™ In-Home Selling System application for the popular tablet is helping guide the sales process through its customizable, easy-to-use presentations. The latest PitchPerfect presentation to be added is CertainTeed's Freedom of Choice™ — the tool that makes it easy for homeowners to find the siding that best represents their tastes, personality and attitude.

With Freedom of Choice, now fully integrated into the PitchPerfect system, contractors can guide their clients through the simple three-step process of Comparing, Selecting and Accessorizing from CertainTeed's comprehensive range of siding products and accents. The new presentation explores and compares features, performance benefits and color palettes, providing homeowners with the freedom to select from CertainTeed's expansive siding product line — Cedar Impressions® Shakes, WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding, CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding and the Vinyl Siding Collection — and accessorize with accessory products including Restoration Millwork®, Fiber Cement Trim and Vinyl Carpentry®.

Click here for a quick video overview or to learn more about this exclusive selling system for CertainTeed 5-Star and Master Remodeler contractors.

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What's Not to "Like" About Freedom of Choice™?

'Freedom of Choice' Facebook page
Freedom of Choice™ is about being able to make the right decisions on products, styles and the endless design possibilities that please your customers. In order to encourage ongoing conversations on all topics related to growing your business, CertainTeed's Siding Products Group is excited to unveil its new "CertainTeed Freedom of Choice" contractor Facebook page —

This dynamic Facebook page provides you with ideas, trends, options, industry news, tools and tips that you can use in your day-to-day business activities. In addition, it's a place where you can:
  • Ask questions of our in-house product and installation experts
  • Start conversations with other contractors
  • Showcase your successes
  • Learn about CertainTeed's many siding, decking, railing, trim and fence options
  • Find fun contests with great prizes
  • Participate in surveys to help us provide you with the best products, programs and
    services to grow your business

Although the Freedom of Choice page will mainly be focused on contractors, consumers can also visit the page where they'll benefit from learning about CertainTeed products and the importance of choosing a CertainTeed credentialed contractor for their remodeling projects.

We invite you to connect with us on Facebook by "liking" our CertainTeed Freedom of Choice contractor page. If you have content ideas or suggestions for the page, please send them to

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CertainTeed Teams Up with Easytrim Reveals™ to Offer a Winning
Ultra-Modern Fiber Cement Siding Solution

Easytrim Reveals™
Advanced product design, world-class product performance, and unparalleled beauty are what define the winning combination of CertainTeed Corporation's WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding and Easytrim Reveals™.

Thanks to a partnership between CertainTeed and Easytrim Reveals, building and design professionals can now take fiber cement exterior cladding designs to a new level of expression, installation and performance.

Specially engineered to work with CertainTeed WeatherBoards authentic wood-grain fiber cement siding, the Easytrim Reveals aluminum trim wall system provides a clean, visually attractive exterior surface with crisp horizontal and vertical panel transitions for contemporary applications. The system offers an easy-to-install, eye-catching, and inexpensive way to clad residential and commercial exteriors with excellent weatherizing performance and offers an alternative to stucco for modern light commercial and multi-family applications.

This system is ideal for design-build professionals who want to incorporate WeatherBoards lap and panel siding with an ultra-modern panel reveal design while maintaining consistent, flowing architectural lines. Product features include:
  • Fit-and-finish elements that allow horizontal panel profiles to slide into vertical profiles for uniform, caulk-free and hassle-free installations.
  • All Easytrim Reveal pre-built corners and vertical "J" trim profiles feature patent-pending ez.bump™ moisture management to create a drainage gutter.
  • Horizontal profiles engineered with ez.plane™ technology to create an 8-degree sloped surface to drain water away from the inset WeatherBoards and wall.
  • Made of durable 6063-T5 commercial-grade aluminum and anodized in two colors that meet Architectural Class II requirements, all Easytrim Reveals products come in 10-foot lengths and include 11-5/16-inch panel profiles and four 3/4-inch LAP profiles.

Select CertainTeed distributors are now stocking the Easytrim Reveals product line. For information, call 800-233-8990 or visit

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Installing Exterior Trim Has Never Been This Fast, Simple and Secure

Cortex® Hidden Fastening System
Imagine no more caulking, sanding or painting. These are the time‑saving benefits you'll reap when you choose CertainTeed's Cortex® Hidden Fastening System. When used in combination with our Restoration Millwork® exterior trim, installation is smarter, faster and cleaner and the fastener heads are virtually invisible – delivering a far more beautiful finished look.

Designed for use with Restoration Millwork PVC trim in both smooth and TrueTexture™ finishes in 5/8" to 5/4" thicknesses, the Cortex Hidden Fastening System package comes complete with fasteners, plugs and setting tools.

Other features include:
  • Strong connection: Cortex fasteners offer higher withdrawal values than nails
  • Available in 50, 250 and 750 lineal foot packages for both smooth and TrueTexture Restoration
    Millwork trim finishes
  • Can be painted

For more information or free samples, call 800-233-8990 or visit

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CertainTeed Restoration Millwork® Adds Two New Profiles

CertainTeed's introduction of two new Restoration Millwork profiles gives design-build professionals more options to add stylish accents to traditional design, or bring dynamic custom creations to life.

Engineered to provide years of lasting beauty, the new Restoration Millwork® Cove Moulding and Historic Sill are now in stock:
Cove Moulding and Historic Sill
  • The Cove Moulding has a concave profile, and is often used as an inside corner guard, to hide joints or as a transition when used with other moldings for a "compound" molding. The Cove Moulding measures 3/4" x 3/4" x 16' and is sold in 50 piece cartons.
  • The Historic Sill is designed to match the style and look of colonial window sills and, like our other sills, features a slope running from back to front to force water away from the window. The Historic Sill measures 1-3/4" x 2-13/16" x 16' and is sold in 4 piece cartons.

The profiles will be added to the key chain and cut piece program shortly.

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Fascia for CertainTeed's EverNew® Decking Collection Now Available in
Expanded Color Palette and Size

EverNew® Decking's hardwood colors
Due to the growing popularity of EverNew® LT PVC Decking's hardwood colors, Jatoba and Spanish Cedar, introduced last spring, CertainTeed has rolled out EverNew LT fascia in both of these exotic multi-chromatic colors. The products are now in stock and ready to ship. This new LT fascia is the same size as the LT boards and made of the same cellular PVC material with Lumenite.

The fascia, which features an authentic woodgrain texture, can easily be used to conceal decking infrastructure and finish stairs or framing — achieving a polished look for unique outdoor living spaces.

Also new to CertainTeed's EverNew PT Decking Line is fascia in 3/4" x 11-1/4" x 12' and riser board/fascia in 3/4" x 7-1/4" x 12'. Both are available in four colors: Ipe Tropics, Rosewood Tropics, Castle Gray and Tudor Brown. Like the PT boards, the new PT fascia is made of a capped composite with PermaTech™ technology and features the tropical and multi-chromatic effects to better complement the boards.

Visit for more information.

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CertainTeed's Edgewood® Vinyl Railing System Achieves Code Compliance

Architectural Testing Approved
The Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) has been issued for CertainTeed's Edgewood® Vinyl Railing system. The compliance report provides third party evidence that the system is suitable for one- and two-family dwellings and for townhouses not more than three-stories in height, meeting the requirements of the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC). The report can be downloaded from www.ati‑

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2012 Product Line Update for Big Hammer Pro Deck Design Tool

Big Hammer Pro Deck Design software is helping building professionals increase their design capabilities, save valuable time, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of job site estimates. This 3-D visualization tool has been updated to reflect EverNew's 2012 product line and is customized for use with CertainTeed's EverNew® Decking and Railing line.
Big Hammer Pro Deck Design

With the Big Hammer Pro Deck Design service, building professionals can show homeowners how a certain deck layout will look on their home by simply uploading a photo of their house. This clear visualization, combined with the program's automatic product updates, makes Pro Deck Design the ideal tool for professionals seeking to decrease design time while increasing efficiency and sales. And the design options are virtually endless with the access it provides to the wide variety of rich color blends and natural woodgrain patterns in the EverNew product line.

Big Hammer Pro Deck Design offers building professionals features that include CAD with photo imaging, custom layouts with 3D rotational views, wireframe design and post layouts, updated product information and pricing, and customized material lists to help with compiling accurate estimates.

For more information, contact your CertainTeed Railing and Decking territory manager.

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Proper Flashing at WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Lap Siding Butt Joints

by Bob Werner, Senior Product Application Specialist

When installing exterior cladding, proper flashing practices play an integral part in contributing to the performance of the Weather Resistant Barrier system. When installing WeatherBoards™ lap siding, you must flash the butt joints by installing either backflashing, joint covers, or H-covers. Consult local code for butt joint treatment requirements in your area. Backflashing should be constructed of a durable, non-corrosive material that is compatible with fiber cement. Do not attempt to flash behind end or butt joints with housewrap – housewrap will not direct water away from the wall. Flashing size should be a minimum of 6" wide (3" to the left and right of the joint) and extend at least 1" over the top of the previous course.

Examples of butt end/joint flashing materials include:
  • #15 felt
  • Trim coil (painted or PVC coated)
  • Bear Skin™ Joint Flashing

Some flashing manufacturers, including Simplicity Tool and ProTrim, make joint flashing products that do not extend 1" over the top of the siding. They rest on top of the lap. These products are also acceptable. If you choose to use a non-factory end at a butt joint, make sure the side edges are re‑sealed with 100% acrylic latex paint or primer prior to installation.

For complete installation details, refer to CertainTeed Fiber Cement Installation Manual or visit

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