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2012 Highlights
The new edition of CertainTeed´s Highlights is now available on our website. Log on to read valuable information about our vinyl, polymer, and fiber cement siding and trim, Restoration Millwork® cellular trim, EverNew® decking and railing, CertainTeed Selects fence, and CertaWrap™ weather resistant barrier. You'll also find a handy matrix of the training programs, professional credentials, sales tools, marketing support, and rewards and recognition that are available to you as a CertainTeed customer.

CertainTeed 2012 Highlights
Barry Aluminum Wins Recycling Award

From pallets to packaging to jobsite scrap, this 5-Star Green Contractor recycles it all.

Barry Aluminum
The Westmont, Illinois, Village Board recently named Barry Aluminum the “Best Small Business Recycler.” The award, which was presented in November 2011, recognized the company’s participation in a program to increase recycling in the DuPage County business community.

Harold Barry III accepted the award, noting the amount of packaging his company now recycles. “As an exterior home improvement company, we use a lot of cardboard from packaging and recyclable material, and it is just as important for us to be able to recycle everything we can. It makes sense, and it helps the environment.”

Harold Barry III
Harold Barry III
Barry, a 5-Star Green Contractor, also pointed out the economic rewards of recycling. Hauling and tipping fees continue to increase, but participating in the County’s free recycling program has significantly reduced these costs. The company now recycles cardboard packaging and paper goods, foam and film used to protect siding products in transit, recyclable materials removed from buildings, and scrap and office waste – material that was previously landfilled.

CertainTeed coordinates the operations of over 200 vinyl recycling centers nationwide to reclaim vinyl siding, so even if your community does not recycle, contact us at 800-233-8990 to find out how you can put your own commitment to environmental responsibility in action.
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WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Life Cycle Analysis

Building for Environmental
and Economic Sustainability
The fiber cement Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ has recently been completed and added to the BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) tool. This software program, which was developed by the U.S. federal government to aid in selecting environmentally friendly and cost-effective building products, allows customers to compare the environmental performance of CertainTeed WeatherBoards fiber cement siding against other cladding options.

WeatherBoards Fiber Cement Brochure
CertainTeed is the first siding manufacturer to provide its customers complete environmental transparency by submitting its Life Cycle Assessments for fiber cement and vinyl siding products to BEES for third party verification and publication. The new CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ Life Cycle Assessment Report (FC057) and Vinyl and Polymer Products Life Cycle Assessment Report (CTS417) are available on our website.
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2012 Contractor Rewards Program

Once again, CertainTeed shows you the money.

Show Me The Money
CertainTeed keeps the cash flowing again in 2012 by continuing the highly successful Show Me the Money rebate program. Every time you buy one of the eligible products and submit your proof of purchase, you'll receive a rebate that will be loaded onto a custom CertainTeed Visa® Rewards Card.

This year, we have added CertainTeed Selects™ vinyl fence, ChamferBoard™, and Restoration Millwork® J-pocket trim board, skirtboard and column wraps to the list of products that can add dollars to your CertainTeed Visa® Rewards Card.

Cedar Impressions® Pays Big!
Those of you who are selling Cedar Impressions® polymer siding will earn the most bang for your bucks. Every time you buy Cedar Impressions, you’ll earn $10/square. Order 100 squares and you’ve earned $1,000!

Best of all, for Cedar Impressions and other Show Me the Money eligible products, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to receive rewards. You can submit a 2012 redemption form along with copies of your invoices weekly, monthly or quarterly and your rebates will be loaded onto a custom CertainTeed Rewards Visa® card. Finally, if you are a 5-Star or Master Remodeler Contractor, you’ll receive an additional 10% bonus rebate on qualifying products throughout the Show Me the Money program. Visit for more information.
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New Lead Management System

CertainTeed has launched a new Lead Management System. LeadWorx™ will enable incoming leads from CertainTeed to be qualified and distributed quickly and efficiently to you.

The LeadWorx system is a one-stop shop for pre-qualified leads. By logging on to LeadWorx you will have access to:

  • Instant, real time notification of new leads
  • A system to manage and update leads easily online
  • Easy access to the latest company news and promotions
  • LeadWorx Dashboard
    A direct link with leads
  • LeadWorx distributes leads in real time, so you can respond to potential customers faster. A personalized portal forwards your leads via an email that includes a direct link. And, unlike other lead management systems, LeadWorx is simple and easy to use, virtually guaranteeing that you will come to depend on the service.

    For more information about the new LeadWorx system, contact your Sales Support team at 800-233-8990 or visit the LeadWorx website.
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    2011 – 2012 Cost vs. Value Report

    Vinyl, insulated, and fiber cement siding hold their value.

    Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2011-12
    The November issue of Remodeling features Hanley Wood’s “Cost vs. Value Report 2011 – 12.” This annual publication analyzes the relationship between remodeling cost and resale value. The data are reported for nine regions of the country, so you can compare national and regional averages for 33 popular remodeling projects.

    National averages show that siding projects recoup a large percent of their initial cost: vinyl siding (72.4%), insulated siding (72.4%), and fiber cement siding (80%).

    PDF files with national and regional averages for 80 U.S. cities are available online at Remodeling. These comparisons are great sales aids for demonstrating to homeowners that new siding is a cost-effective project, now and in the long run.
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    Take a Look at Our New Website

    CertainTeed Professional Site
    CertainTeed Professional Site
    We’ve redesigned just for professionals.

    Check out the new Professionals section of We asked industry professionals how they search a website and redesigned the “Pros” pages to reflect their preferences. Based on their feedback, we broke out the available content into four sections:  Education & Credentials, Technical & Product Information, Tools & Resources, and Rebates & Rewards. Pros like you have told us that these content links will make it easier to find what you’re looking for, regardless of the product. All the information you need can be found within a few clicks.

    The next time you need information – from installation instructions to Master Craftsman manuals to sales aids – log on to
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    VSI Offers New Resources for Remodelers, Builders and Architects

    Two new resources to help you sell more vinyl siding.

    America Sides with Vinyl
    Remodelers' Help Desk
    The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) has created the Remodelers' Help Desk, a new website designed to provide remodeling contractors with resources to better communicate the benefits of vinyl siding to homeowners. The Help Desk puts helpful selling tools at the fingertips of contractors looking to gain an edge. Using case studies to communicate the multiple benefits of vinyl siding, the Help Desk offers information about the variety of attractive design possibilities, how to improve a home's energy performance with vinyl siding, and a link to “Designing Style.”

    Interactive Design Tool
    VSI Remodelers Help Desk
    Remodelers Help Desk Site
    With just a few clicks, you and potential customers can review a surprising number of vinyl siding options and combinations for nine architectural styles.

    The interactive Designing Style PDF allows you to easily navigate the architectural styles and accessories on a smart phone, laptop or tablet. You can select which siding, trim and accessories best fit each style's requirements. From historic to contemporary, a variety of home styles are featured, including Cape Cod, French Colonial, Georgian, Federal/Adam, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Folk Victorian and Craftsman.

    Click here to download a free copy of the interactive Designing Style PDF.
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    Attention: All 5-Star or Master Remodeler Contractors

    New PitchPerfect™ In-Home Selling System for your iPad®.

    PitchPerfect® In-Home Selling System
    PitchPerfect™Selling System
    In a crowded marketplace, you have to stand out. A new way to help you make that crucial first big impression is by leveraging the latest in iPad® technology, through the use of CertainTeed’s cutting-edge, easy-to-use PitchPerfect™ In-Home Selling System. The PitchPerfect system includes fully customizable sales presentations, step-by-step instructions and downloadable applications and accessories to seamlessly integrate the selling process – from initial homeowner consultation to finished project.

    Four customizable PitchPerfect presentations are currently available to CertainTeed 5-Star and Master Remodeler Contractors. Featured product lines include Bufftech® fence, EverNew® decking and railing, the complete CertainTeed® vinyl siding collection, CedarBoards™ insulated siding, Cedar Impressions® polymer shakes and WeatherBoards™ fiber cement siding. All siding presentations also provide information regarding CertaWrap™ weather resistant barrier and Restoration Millwork® cellular PVC trim.

    To learn more about this exciting new selling system, contact us at 888-333-4525 (5-Star Contractors) or 800-588-1551 (Master Remodelers).
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    More Help to Close the Deal

    That Home Improvement Guy can help your customers find the right lender.

    Mark Costin
    Are you bogged down in requests for help with home improvement financing? That Home Improvement Guy can help by serving as your “outsourced” financing department. He can help you get set up to offer financing and teach you how to do it successfully. If you already offer financing, That Home Improvement Guy may provide additional financing options than your current source.

    Proven Track Record
    Mark Costin of That Home Improvement Guy understands the remodeling business. From 1988-2003, he owned and operated a home improvement company that grew to over $4 million in sales. Many of those sales were facilitated by affordable financing.

    Since 2005, Costin has helped thousands of building professionals take advantage of a nationwide network of lenders providing home improvement loans. He has secured month-to-month payment loans, installment loans, minimum-payment revolving loans, deferred monthly payment loans, 0% interest loans, and same-as-cash loans from both regional and national lenders. As a former home improvement professional, That Home Improvement Guy has the inside knowledge and experience to find the right lender for your projects.

    For more information about obtaining financing for your clients, log on to That Home Improvement Guy or call 919-632-9673 today.
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    Installing Skirtboard

    by Bob Werner, Application Sales Specialist.

    CertainTeed Fiber Cement skirtboard is made from cellular PVC, so it is the ideal solution for meeting U.S. building codes requiring 6" ground clearance. Skirtboard also makes an ideal transition panel between siding styles.

    Establishing 6" ground clearance for siding
    • Apply skirtboard over framing no greater than 16" on center. If framing members are greater than 16" on center, provide additional bracing for fastening.
    • VSI Remodelers Help Desk
      CertainTeed Fiber Cement Skirtboard
      Choose fasteners that will penetrate a minimum of 1-1/2" through a flat, solid wood substrate into a framing member.
    • Make sure the skirtboard is level.
    • Drive fasteners so the heads are flush with the surface of the skirtboard or slightly indented and no closer than 3/4" from the end or edge of the board.
    • Use two fasteners per framing member for 6" skirtboard and three fasteners per framing member for 8" skirtboard.
    • When you install the first course of siding, position it so that the bottom edge of the siding hangs a minimum of 1/4" over the top of the skirtboard.
    Transitioning between siding styles
    • Install the skirtboard so that it extends a minimum 1/4" over the top of the lower siding style.
    • Install a siding starter course.
    • Align the bottom edges of the siding and the starter course.
    • Position the first course of the second siding style so that the bottom edge hangs a minimum of 1/4" over the top of the skirtboard.
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    NADRA – The Power of One Voice

    VSI Remodelers Help Desk
    The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) can be your voice in the deck and railing industry. NADRA helps guide code writing and regulations with ICC; sponsors DECK EXPO, the premiere trade event for the deck, dock and railing industry; helps consumers by providing information on deck safety, design and products; builds consumer trust in the deck and railing industry; and encourages outdoor living. Its public relations campaigns, such as Deck Safety Month® and the Merit Award Program, increase awareness of deck and railing professionals.

    CertainTeed is a member of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), and we encourage you to make your voice heard by joining NADRA today. NADRA membership offers resources for marketing, education, communication and networking, as well as health and liability insurance programs.

    To enjoy these and other benefits, support NADRA's Power of One membership campaign by completing an application today.
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