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TMG Homes Goes for Green
Siding Plants Continue Efforts to Go Green

 Summer 2008

Five-Star Contractor Sharpens Competitive Edge

CertainTeed’s 5-Star Contractor Program Drives Business Opportunities for St. Louis Construction Company

A 30-year building industry veteran, Bartels & Missey Construction Company in St. Louis, MO, is no stranger to success. But, despite its exceptional track record, the company wanted to sharpen its competitive edge, so in 2007, Doug Bartels, owner of Bartels & Missey, turned to CertainTeed’s 5-Star Contractor program.

“CertainTeed’s 5-Star Contractor Program provides thorough hands-on training with great attention to the technical aspects of siding application,” said Bartels. “Our participation in the program is a tremendous selling tool and gives us a competitive advantage when bidding on projects.”

To achieve 5-Star status, Bartels & Missey personnel first completed the appropriate coursework and testing for CertainTeed’s Vinyl and Polymer Siding and Restoration Millwork Master Craftsman product knowledge and installation training programs. They also participated in the Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) Certified Installer Program, an in-depth and hands-on installation training course.

After completing the certification process, Bartels & Missey touted its 5-Star status and landed a major project at the Village Royale Apartments, St. Louis. The renovation project called for 750 squares of CedarBoards Single 7-inch insulated siding in Cypress as well as 260 squares of Cedar Impressions Double 7-inch Rough Split Straight Edge in Cypress. The project also uses CertainTeed Weatherboards FiberCement Siding and Restoration Millwork cellular PVC trim.

“Through the 5-Star Contractor program, CertainTeed provides contractors with the tools they need to reach a higher level of professionalism and proficiency,” says Phyllis Vail Director of Communications for the CertainTeed Siding Products Group. “We are thrilled to see contractors like Bartels & Missey Construction leverage the program to grow their business.”

For more information about 5-Star Contractor certification, log on to For more information about the Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) Certified Installer Program, log on to


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New Contractor Benefits

Five-Star Contractor program adds new benefits for 2008.

The 5-Star Contractor program has always been good. Now it’s GREAT. In addition to exclusive 5-Star benefits—credentials certificate, customer presentation folders, magnetic truck signs, special website access, custom quote folders, free literature and samples—all 5-Star Contractors are now eligible to receive:
       Premier listing on
       FREE 5-Star exclusive job site signs
       FREE 5-Star business cards
       Sales excellence training
       Access to CertainTeed-negotiated discounts

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your competitive advantage and grow your business. Log on to and follow the links to the 5-Star Contractor program.

               Sustainably Speaking

TMG Homes Goes for Green

When Torrey Marks and Chadd Martin joined forces to create TMG Homes, their slogan was “Building a Better Home.” It is no surprise that they should have discovered and adopted the concept of green home building.

Established in 2004, in Glenmoore, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, TMG was surrounded by large, established builders such as Toll Brothers, Pulte and many long established local builders. As a young company, TMG was looking for a strategy to set them apart. Martin, Vice President of TMG, started researching the concept known as “green building” that emphasizes greater energy efficiency along with minimal environment impact. Martin knew that building an energy efficient, environmentally friendly home was the way to go for TMG. He joined the U.S Green Building Council and continued researching methods for green building.

“The green roof concept was catching on and at the National Builders show in 2007, you could feel the way things were going,” said Martin. “All it meant for us was making a few changes. We were already committed to building a better house. This was a quantifiable way to say it was a better house.”

TMG was using products in their building projects that were environmentally-friendly but Martin and Marks knew that the time was right to build a home that would showcase their company, take them through the certification process, and give them the opportunity to educate realtors, homeowners and buyers about the benefits of owning a green home.

Before long, TMG Homes was selected to participate in a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) pilot program. The guidelines for LEED certification are extensive and the project needs to be judged by an independent, third party inspector. Their project is a 4,100 square foot, 4 bedroom, and 3.5 bath Colonial home on 1.2 acres in Chester Springs, PA.

“The biggest challenge is getting the subcontractors to buy in to this concept,” said Martin. “Building a LEED house is more management-intensive and the subs have to be willing to learn.”

By using green products, TMG was able to cut down the amount of waste going into the landfill. Most of the waste was recycled and used for fertilizer. They reduced the waste for a recent project by one 30-yard Dumpster.

The Value of Green
According to Martin, green homes provide a healthier way of life. There are three key components to that healthier lifestyle: personal health, financial health and community health.

Personal health relates to the air quality in the house. Air quality can be vastly improved by creating a “whole house recovery system” in the basement that recycles and filters the air. This is especially good for people concerned about asthma or allergies.

Financial health requires some education for homeowners, according to Martin.
“The cost of a house is not just the price up front. It’s what you pay over the life of a house,” said Martin. “If the house is energy efficient, over time you will pay less in utilities.”

Community health is a commitment to being better stewards of our natural resources, both locally and globally. According the Martin, LEED-certified homes are more energy efficient, use non-toxic building materials, are water-smart, and respect the environment.

From Vision to Reality
While researching green products for this project, Martin came to the CertainTeed® website, having used these products in the past. “CertainTeed has one of the better sites for LEED information and support,” said Martin. “With this house, we had an idea in mind and when we were doing research, and we found a house on CertainTeed’s site that was exactly the color and style we were looking for.” The siding products they used included Cedar Impressions® Double 9” Staggered Rough-Split Shakes in Sable Brown with contrasting MainStreet™ Double 5” in Desert Tan, along with CertainTeed soffit and trim.

CertainTeed vinyl and polymer sidings are manufactured responsibly. They are produced, shipped and installed using minimal resources, and because there is no need for painting and caulking, the environmental and economic impact throughout the life of the home is dramatically reduced.

“Our concern is giving the consumer added value,” said Martin. “We want to position ourselves as THE green builder in the area and work on custom homes for people wanting a more efficient and environmentally-friendly home.”

TMG Homes is starting to work on a custom home that they hope will be the second LEED-certified home in Chester County.

“It’s about education and the budget,” Martin added. “Where do you want to spend money and where do you want to save. Whether you look at the net cost vs. the lifetime cost.”

Siding Plants Continue Efforts to Go Green

Manufacturing and delivery methods undergo a green evolution.
While efforts to contribute to sustainable building products remain at the forefront of the greening of our industry, we continue to take a hard look at what CertainTeed can do to minimize the impact our plants and processes have on the environment. One such effort has resulted in a savings of 3.9 million gallons of water per year, while another encourages our customers to recycle delivery pallets.

Smarter Water Use at Hagerstown
CertainTeed’s Hagerstown plant is located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed—an area known for its sensitivity to land and water use. As part of its on-going efforts in environmental management, the Hagerstown plant recently began upgrading the plant process water monitoring system. Electronically monitoring critical aspects such as tank levels, return loops, and discharge rates has reduced water use by 3.9 million gallons. Adding supplemental water storage tanks has also reduced sewer discharges by 5,000 gallons per week.

Recycling Pallets
Pallets - they’re everywhere. And more often than not, you see them piled up in the back of a distributor’s warehouse or stacked up next to a dumpster. At the end of 2007, CertainTeed introduced a pallet recycling program and encourages our customers to return pallets rather than tear them down. Our customers benefit because their disposal costs - $3 to 4 per pallet - are reduced. The environment benefits because fewer pallets are added to landfills. CertainTeed maintains and, if necessary, repairs the pallets before they are reused.

Spotlight on Communications

Contractor ProDialogs™ reveal need for increased communication.

You asked. We delivered. At our recent Contactor proDialogs discussions, you told us you’d like to hear from us more frequently. In response, you received SPOTLIGHT, the latest component of our expanded communications with our customers. SPOTLIGHT is a quarterly email flyer. Designed as an extension of our HIGHLIGHTS brochure, SPOTLIGHT concentrates on just a few of the year’s new products and programs. It’s a reminder of what’s new and how you can benefit from new products and programs.

Earn an Extra $25

Earn money when you purchase Restoration Millwork profiles.

Thinking about installing a Restoration Millwork profile on your next siding job? Now’s the time. From May 1 through July 31, purchase 15 pieces of any Restoration Millwork profile, and we’ll load your CertainTeed Show Me the Money Visa card with $25 extra dollars.

These low-maintenance, long-lasting profiles are just the ticket to make an ordinary siding job look like a custom installation. Whether you choose crown moulding, lattice, brickmould, back band, or any of our nineteen distinctive profiles, Restoration Millwork trim cuts, shapes, routs, and mills with traditional woodworking tools and fastens with nails or screws. And your customers will appreciate the Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread rating and CertainTeed’s 25-year limited warranty.

Don’t delay. Call your CertainTeed distributor today, and ask how you can earn an extra $25 just for ordering Restoration Millwork profiles. [More details]

VinylSafe Colors Increase Design Possibilities


Choose from 100 new paint colors for Restoration Millwork cellular PVC trim.

Think color - corresponding, complementary, or contrasting color. With 100 new Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe colors to choose from, you can offer blended, subtle, or downright bold trim on every job.

Previously, your paint choices for PVC trim were limited to light colors. VinylSafe Color Technology lets homeowners choose from dark, rich colors that won’t blister or buckle when properly applied to PVC trim. Your customers can choose from the darkest browns, reds, and greens, to the palest beige, grey, and ecru. To explore the possibilities with your customers, ask your distributor for a copy of our VinylSafe Color Guide today.

New, Expanded ColorView®

ColorView offers new options for homeowners and contractors alike.
One picture is worth 1,000 words, and CertainTeed’s newly redesigned ColorView Exterior Style and Color Selector lets homeowners create the pictures that will help you close the sale.

This interactive, easy-to-use design tool allow homeowners to mix and match products and colors from CertainTeed vinyl and polymer siding, roofing, fiber cement siding, trim, and fence, deck, & rail. The expanded selections offer 15 home styles, including Victorian, Colonial, Ranch, Cape, and Craftsman. And our extensive library of residential building products and colors helps potential customers visualize their dream home.

Once your customers have designed the perfect combination of colors and products, ColorView allows them to create a summary of the CertainTeed products they have chosen; email their newly designed home to themselves, family, and friends; and print a full-color picture of their dream home.

ColorView is available as an interactive DVD and online at To order your ColorView DVD, contact your CertainTeed distributor or territory manager.

Links of Interest


Vinyl Siding Institute offers free Design Guide.

The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) has produced the 86-page Designing Style: A Guide to Designing with Today’s Vinyl Siding. This free guide is a valuable reference tool filled with information, inspiration and insight. Developed in collaboration with experienced architects, designers, builders, and vinyl siding manufacturers, the guide showcases a variety of popular architectural styles and shows how to bring each to life with the lasting beauty of vinyl siding, architectural trim, and accessories.

Designing Style explains why architects, builders, designers, planners, remodelers and other building products specifiers choose vinyl siding. In addition to beautifully recreating the architectural styles of the past, technological advancements in vinyl siding make it the right choice for a sustainable future. Designing Style also recounts the history of vinyl siding. To download or order your copy of Designing Style, log on to

We Continue Our Winning Ways


For the 12th consecutive year, you have chosen CertainTeed as the #1 Brand Leader in vinyl siding. “Builder” magazine reports that when it measures brand familiarity, brands most used, and product quality, CertainTeed siding comes out on top. Also, for the 4th consecutive year, you named CedarBoards Siding the #1 brand leader in insulated siding.

And not to be outdone, CertainTeed’s Restoration Millwork™ with TrueTexture™ finish was named by the editorial team of “Professional Builder” magazine as one of the 100 Best New Products of 2008.

                                        Go team.


Exterior Improvements Pay Off


The “Wall Street Journal” reports that while elaborate interior remodeling may make a house harder to sell in this slow housing market, exterior sprucing up will improve the curb appeal of older homes and help them sell.

Exterior remodeling like new polymer, vinyl or fiber cement siding and trim make the outside of the house look good and help it stand out from others in the neighborhood. In addition, low-maintenance vinyl attracts buyers who may be looking for an older home, but who are reluctant to take on maintaining wood siding and trim. Finally, new energy-efficient windows, doors, and insulated siding will appeal to homeowners concerned about both the environment and their utility costs. To read the entire article click here.

The Winner Is…


Anthony Nastro of Nastro Remodeling, West Babylon, NY. As our thanks for sending us the following installation tip, Anthony will receive an 80GB iPod Classic:

Anthony writes, “When I install soffit on a flying gable, I bend a piece of trim coil 3" x 3" x the length of the soffit width. Then I zip screw two nail hems opposite each other on one side of the metal to create a starter strip for the soffit so I can install soffit runs from the peak down and not worry about the soffit coming apart when it expands and contracts.

Thanks, Anthony. While that’s not the way we recommend installing soffit, as long as the soffit doesn’t sag, others might want to try it your way.


CertainTeed Products Featured in New Urbanism Residential Community


Wolverine Restoration Smooth and CertainTeed MainStreet Sidings recreate early 1900s.

What do Georgetown in Washington, DC; Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia; and downtown Charlestown, South Carolina have in common? They feature walkable Main Street shopping districts, downtown parks, and grid streets. Because they are walkable, these communities are also templates for “New Urbanism,” a town planning movement that encourages communities to mix building types, sizes, and prices so that basic services—banks, theatres, homes, schools, parks—are within a five-minute walk. New Urban communities feature sidewalks, narrow streets, and close-knit commercial and residential areas that encourage home and business owners to walk and interact with other residents. Unlike the spread-out, car-centered suburbs that have dominated the last 50 years of development in the U.S., these communities promote a return to traditional town planning.

Renaissance Pointe, a residential community being built in the heart of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is just such a town. Homebuilders Lancia Homes and Delagrange Homes, of Fort Wayne, and IDEAL Builders of Decatur, Indiana, are partnering with the city of Fort Wayne to build Renaissance Pointe in the city’s historic Hanna-Creighton neighborhood. The new homes are being built in a 36-block area where decaying and owner-deserted homes were reclaimed and razed by the city. City planners requested that the majority of the 350 new and 75 restored homes match the Edwardian design style of existing homes in the area. This stipulation had a significant impact on the builders’ choice of siding products.

“One of the criteria the city identified was the need for a smooth vinyl siding product on the homes,” says Kevin Briggs, owner and CEO of IDEAL Builders. “The city didn’t want all the homes to have siding with a wood-grain texture because it wouldn’t match with the style of older existing homes in the neighborhood.”

After researching various vinyl siding products, both IDEAL Builders and Lancia Homes opted for Wolverine Restoration Smooth Triple 3-inch Clapboard vinyl siding. Restoration Smooth provides the quality and look the builders were aiming for, with much lower maintenance than wood siding. IDEAL Builders has also built some homes with CertainTeed Main Street Triple 3-inch Clapboard siding to offer potential homebuyers the option of a siding with a brushed texture.

Both builders are using CertainTeed PVC trim products. IDEAL Builders is using Restoration Millwork Trimboards for low-maintenance trim around windows and doors. Lancia Homes is using Vinyl Carpentry SuperCorners and 5-inch lineals for the windows.

To read more about Renaissance Pointe, visit

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