Winter 2008

2008 Starts Strong with New Products

New profiles, new trim, new colors

Our 2008 line of Polymer & Vinyl Siding and Restoration Millwork Trim provides a wide array of exciting new products and enhancements to the CertainTeed product line.

Polymer & Vinyl Siding
Cedar Impressions® is now available in new Double 7" Staggered Perfection Shingles in a 25 color palette. To complete the installation, a matching Mitered Cornerpost is also offered. Available NOW.

We’ve added a third profile to Northwoods® siding. The new Single 9" Staggered Rough-Split Shake is available in 17 colors, including darker hues. Available 1st Quarter.

CedarBoards™ Double 4" Clapboard and Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap have a redesigned flat panel face that emulates the look of real wide-board wood siding in 15 colors. Available NOW

CedarBoards™ XL has the same great benefits of traditional length CedarBoards, but the 16' 8"length reduces seams. This Energy Star-rated Double 6" wide board comes in 12 popular colors. Available NOW.


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Restoration Millwork®
For the perfect finish, we’ve also expanded our line of Restoration Millwork Exterior Trim.

New profiles
include: J-channel brickmould, adjustable back band, rams crown, RB3 casing, 356 casing, and lattice.

Shorter trimboards - 12' trimboards reduce waste and are easier to handle. They are available in 1" and 5/4" thicknesses, in a variety of widths, and in both Smooth and TrueTexture™ woodgrain surfaces.

CertaPak™ - CertainTeed's shrink wrap packaging that helps keeps trimboards free of scuffs, dust, and dirt is now available for both TrueTexture™ Woodgrain and Smooth finishes.

Carton quantities: Specialty Profiles are now available in “Carton” quantities: Our Voice of Customer input has changed the way our Specialty Profiles are sold. Originally available only in full and half units like our trimboards, these are now available in much smaller carton quantities.
Example: Brickmould WAS full unit = 420 pieces or half unit = 210 pieces
NOW, Cartons = 14 pieces.

CertaPak and all of these new products are available NOW.

New Colors

CertainTeed dramatically expands its industry-leading spectrum of colors with up to nine new selections in Cedar Impressions®, Cedar Boards™ and Monogram™ 46. Ranging from deep rich shades like terra cotta, mountain cedar, hearthstone, spruce, suede and sandpiper to the refreshing new WaterColors™, coral, mint and sea breeze, these new colors speak directly to major trends in home building and remodeling. In addition, the CedarBoards Single 7” and Double 6” profiles now offer the popular semi-transparent stained look with arbor blend, frontier blend and timber blend.

Monogram 46 Siding Brings Low Maintenance to Coastline Homes

New silo-top homes sided with Monogram 46 grace the Great Lakes’ shoreline.

The Great Lakes coastline is sporting a new look since the construction of new homes atop two historic silos. The 80-foot tall silos, which are located on a 19th Century farm owned by Bill and Linda Ferguson, were so dilapidated that the Fergusons considered tearing them down. But the silos had held their spot along the St. Lawrence for so long that they were part of the river’s navigational charts for Great Lakes’ freight ships. So Bill Ferguson called custom homebuilder Steve Hall of Steven J. Hall, Inc., and decided instead to build small houses on top of the silos.

For siding, Hall specified Monogram™ 46 Vinyl Siding because it’s strong enough to resist the region’s 80- to 90-mile-an-hour winds. Appearance was also a factor in the decision to use Monogram 46 since its TrueTexture™ finish closely emulates the classic appearance of real cedar lap siding. And the barn red color sits atop the twin white silos like beacons.

“I wanted siding that I would never have to maintain, something that would stay on the structure and last for a long time,” explains Ferguson. “We have cedar shake siding on our house right now, and I have to repaint it every three years. Fortunately, I won’t have to do that with the new homes.”

In keeping with the preference for low-maintenance, high-durability products, Ferguson and Hall also specified other CertainTeed vinyl products, including Vinyl Carpentry™ Triple 3-1/3" solid vinyl soffit panels; EverNew® vinyl railing and decking; New Castle XT™ Vinyl Windows; and for the roof, Independence Shangle® designer shingles.

Bill Ferguson was so happy with the outcome of the project that he hired Hall to refurbish his house, again with a full list of CertainTeed products, including our own Cedar Impressions® polymer siding and Vinyl Carpentry Beaded Triple 2" Wainscot-Style Soffit.

Popular Contactor Programs Continue into 2008

VSI Certified Installer, 5-Star Contractor, and Show Me the Money

Struggling to stay competitive? Looking for ways to position yourself as a craftsman? The VSI Certified Installer and CertainTeed 5-Star Contractor and Show Me The Money Programs will continue into 2008, giving you the edge you need to stay successful in a difficult economy.

VSI Certified Installer
Participate in a one-day comprehensive installation program, and you can enhance your reputation as a contractor. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) sponsors a Certified Installer Program that recognizes individuals with at least one year of experience who can demonstrate proper vinyl siding application. Qualifying is simple—all you have to do is attend a course, then pass an exam that tests your knowledge about vinyl siding installation. Log on to to find a course near you, or ask your CertainTeed distributor if he participates in the program.

5-Star Contractor
You know you can’t make any money competing against here-today, gone-tomorrow installers and their low-ball pricing. Becoming a CertainTeed 5-Star Contractor is a way to position yourself as an industry expert and avoid the low-bid racket. Once you’ve completed the Polymer & Vinyl Siding and Trim Master Craftsman programs, become a VSI Certified Installer, and provided proof of Workman’s Compensation and Liability insurance (where required by law), you’ll receive benefits that include a full program of financial, merchandising, and promotional rewards. These programs promote your professional credentials and help generate leads from serious buyers who are looking for quality work. For details, contact your CertainTeed distributor or log on to

Show Me the Money
Show Me the Money is back for 2008 with even more opportunities to earn cash rewards for using CertainTeed products. This popular contractor rewards program will operate exactly as before, with the addition of Board and Batten siding to the list of eligible products. Product purchases will be rewarded with cash rebates loaded onto a CertainTeed Visa debit card, which can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Eligible products include Restoration Millwork Trim and six styles of CertainTeed Polymer & Vinyl Siding. See your CertainTeed distributor or Territory Manager for Show Me the Money information sheets and redemption forms.

Going Green

A new brochure and environmental excellence award in shades of green

As a member of the US Green Building Council and through our commitment to the responsible development of sustainable building products and systems, CertainTeed is dedicated to helping you understand the role sustainable building products play in residential and commercial construction.

“Green” Brochure
A new brochure, Sustainability Begins at Home (CTS346) explains why CertainTeed Siding and Trim are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, resource efficient and sustainable choices. It offers insight into building science and the contributions these products can make toward sustainable construction and maximizing the useful life of a building. The brochure also includes practical product information that you can pass onto to you environmentally conscious customers—recycled content, third-party certifications, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and NAHB green building guidelines. It is the perfect leave-behind for potential customers concerned about the eco-friendliness of vinyl siding. Click on this link to download your copy of the brochure Sustainability Begins at Home. A companion brochure, Green Building Products At-A-Glance, is a summary of all of CertainTeed's sustainable building products. Also, be sure to check out our new “green” webpage at

CertainTeed Honored for Environmental and Safety Performance
CertainTeed recently received the Vinyl Institute’s (VI) top honors for 16 consecutive years of outstanding environmental and safety performance. Our plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana, won VI’s Environmental Excellence Award for the 16th consecutive year. The 2007 award is based on outstanding performance in 2006, under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). Five years ago, the VI expanded its environmental criteria for its new Environmental Honor Award to include emission reduction under the NESHAP, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), and for purposes of EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI).The Lake Charles plant also won the Environmental Honor Award in addition to VI’s Safety Performance Award.

Links of Interest

Links to articles and ideas to help you grow your business.

Siding with Design: Specifying vinyl siding for cost, code compliance, and flexibility,” which is available at, appeared in the October 2007 issue of Construction Specifier. The article discusses price, construction costs, maintenance, code compliance, and the performance of vinyl siding.

Building Responsibly with CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, Polymer Siding and Trim” is a new website that highlights CertainTeed’s commitment to sustainability and features links to Green Build information for CertainTeed’s vinyl and polymer siding and trim products.

The Vinyl Siding Institute’s 2007 Awards of Distinction, available at, features CertainTeed siding in Historic Restoration (Cutri Construction, Canandaigua, NY) and Residential Re-siding (R.J. Scalzi Construction, Easton, MA & Callen Construction, Waukesha, WI).

Fifty-eight percent of remodelers surveyed by Qualified Remodeler magazine expect their company revenue to increase in 2008. Read the full story at

Cedar Impressions® Siding Featured on Extreme Makeover

On January 6, 2008, the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featured scenes in which CertainTeed’s Cedar Impressions® polymer shakes were installed on a major home renovation in Milbridge, Maine. Owned by a young family with three children, two of them autistic, the 100-year-old house was decrepit and dangerous... and reportedly haunted. CertainTeed supported the building efforts by donating Cedar Impressions Double 7" Straight Edge Perfection Shakes in Pacific Blue. No word if the ghost continues to reside in the beautifully renovated house.

CertainTeed Siding and Trim Rescue Multi-family Development


CedarBoards™, Cedar Impressions®, and Restoration Millwork™ replace failed siding and trim.

CertainTeed® vinyl and polymer siding and vinyl trim products recently came to the rescue of Elk Ridge Apartments, a luxury multi-family development in Show Low, Arizona.

Last year, Elk Ridge had a high-end custom siding installed on its 20 apartment buildings, but after only four months, the siding was beginning to deteriorate and fall off. Elk Ridge Apartments’ property managers hired siding contractor All Custom Exteriors, Inc., of Taylor, Arizona, to re-side the buildings.

“We determined the problem with the siding was a result of poor-quality work from the framers and improper installation of the product,” says Brian Kay, Vice President of All Custom Exteriors. Not wanting the same thing to happen twice, Elk Ridge property management sought recommendations for a siding product that would last for many years—not just a few months. Kay suggested CertainTeed® CedarBoards™ Insulated Vinyl Siding and Cedar Impressions® Polymer Siding with CertainTeed Restoration Millwork™ Cellular PVC Trim. The property managers were impressed with the CertainTeed products and approved them for the project.

CedarBoards, Cedar Impressions and Restoration Millwork provide the ideal solution for multi-family developments, as they give the classic visual appeal of wood cladding, but longer-lasting durability and much lower maintenance. The products match wonderfully with the beautiful mountain country surrounding of the Show Low area.

The huge re-siding project called for 1,800 squares of CedarBoards D6" Clapboard siding in Savannah Wicker, 600 squares of Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough-Split Shakes in Sable Brown, and Restoration Millwork Smooth cornerposts and trimboards in Natural White. Materials were provided by distributor Kay Building Supplies, owned by Kay and his brother Terril in Taylor. All Custom Exteriors began work in December 2006 on the apartment buildings with 30 workers divided into four crews. The job was complete by October 2007, and garnered excellent feedback from Elk Ridge management.

“The new CertainTeed siding and trim are wonderful,” says John Berry, Manager of Elk Ridge Apartments. “They’re great products. They are superior to what we had on the buildings before, and they look 100 percent better. We’ve been happy with the way they’ve been holding up in bad weather and look forward to seeing how they perform in the years to come.”


Band Board Adds Interest to Siding

Bob Werner is CertainTeed's in-house application specialist. A former owner of his own contracting business, Bob has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

We recently received a tip from a loyal CertainTeed customer reminding our readers that Vinyl Carpentry™ accessories can make an average siding installation look like a high-end job. One of these accessories is Band Board, a foam-backed, 7-1/4"-high decorative trim with a 1-1/4" pocket that you can use to create a seamless transition between siding and brick or stucco or two different siding styles. In today's competitive market, suggesting the creative use of a decorative accessory like Band Board can set a home apart, and by doing so, set your business apart, too.

Installing Band Board
Band Board is installed with Cornice Receiver. Before you begin to install the Cornice Receiver, you'll need to mark where the last course of siding will end. Then nail the cornice receiver loosely every 8"-10", with the nailing fin facing up. Install the last course of siding 1/4" below the cornice receiver. If you need to, trim the top of the siding panel to fit below the cornice receiver. With a nail slot punch, punch nail slots 16" apart, 1/4" from the siding's upper edge. Nail through the center of the holes for a loose fit between the panel surface and the nail heads.

nail with fin facing up
push snap leg of band board
into cornice receiver

Cut the Band Board to length. (For lengths less than 12', allow a 1/4" gap between the ends and the trim at temperatures above 40° F; a 3/8" gap at temperatures below 40° F. For lengths greater than 12', allow a 3/8" gap between the ends and the trim at temperatures above 40° F; a 1/2" gap at temperatures below 40° F.) Push the snap leg of the Band Board into the cornice receiver, and nail the Band Board loosely every 10-12".

Band Board is designed to fit into CedarBoards® J-Channel, Corner, and lineal 1-1/4" accessories. When you use Band Board with accessories that do not have a 1-1/4" pocket, be sure to allow clearance between the two pieces for expansion. Trim a short section of Band Board to create an end cap for these applications.

Installing Siding above Band Board
There are two ways to continue siding above the Band Board:

For horizontal siding, use a starter strip. Position the starter strip above the Band Board enough to allow the siding return leg to engage the starter strip. Don't pin the Band Board because it has to be able to expand and contract freely.
For vertical siding, use J-channel. Align the nail slots of the J-channel with the nail slots of the Band Board.

Because it is foam backed, use only factory-cut edges to overlap two pieces of Band Board. For the underside piece, measure back 1-1/2" from the end of the vinyl. Cut back 1-1/2" of foam and remove the bottom portion of the rear return and snap leg. Slip the vinyl edge of the bottom portion of the seam between the foam and the vinyl panel. Slide the two pieces together, and overlap them 1-1/4". Don't forget to leave a 1/4" gap between the foam for expansion.

Praise for 5-Star Contractor Program


Dean Camastro, Vice President of DeRoc Home Improvements in Islip, NY, has been installing CertainTeed siding for 20 years.

CertainTeed Senior Territory Manager Stan Pietrzyk recently received this email from Dean Camastro, who earned 5-Star-Contractor status last year.

"I wanted to let you know that I received my first lead today as a 5-Star Contractor. The client used the CertainTeed website and found my 5-Star listing. I have an appointment this week to discuss his needs. Thank you!

I also want to congratulate CertainTeed on a job well done with all their new vinyl offerings. I can guarantee I will be putting the new products and colors to use this spring. I currently have three siding jobs lined up with March to April start dates and will be meeting with the clients in February to begin discussing design/color/product offerings. I look forward to growing my siding business exclusively using CertainTeed products."

Thanks, Dean, and best of luck in 2008.

The Winners Are


We thank the many of you who took the time to respond to our Fall contractor survey. As promised the 10 randomly selected winners of an Apple iPod Nano are:

  • Nathan Page - Howard Page Aluminum & Vinyl Products Co. Inc. (Hampton, NH)
  • John Paine - Verneris Siding Company (Northhaven, CT)
  • Bryon Traynoff - BT Home Revitalizing & Remodeling (Holland, OH)
  • Stephen Volpe - Volpe Enterprises, Inc. (Cedars, PA)
  • Robert Wilk - Indoor-Outdoor Remodeling, LLC (Livonia, MI)
  • Erich Leach - Anderson Brooks Construction (Portage, MI)
  • Marc Harrington - Harrington Contracting (Walden, NY)
  • Rocky Jackson - Helping Hands Construction (N Rose, NY)
  • Dillon Vautrin - Dillon Vautrin Home Exteriors (Pulaski, NY)
  • Richard Briley - Craftduck Construction (Bend, OR)

Your Territory Manager will contact you in the next few weeks to deliver your iPod Nano.

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