Summer 2007

Longer Panels Reduce Installation Time and Improve Appearance

CedarBoards XL 16' 8" insulated siding panels now available.

Time is money - your money. To help you speed installation and reduce job costs, CertainTeed introduces CedarBoards XL insulated siding.

Reduced Laps – Faster Installation
Installing standard 12' panels on a 20' wall requires seams every 2 to 3 feet, however, the 16' 8" XL panel can reduce the number of seams by up to 40 percent - from approximately 28 seams to 17 on a 20’ wall! The difference in appearance is remarkable, with the added benefit of decreased installation time.

The Same Great CedarBoards Benefits
The new CedarBoards XL 16' 8" Double 6" Clapboard panel has the same great benefits as traditional CedarBoards siding. CedarBoards XL features a flat face, a deep 3/4" panel projection, and TrueTexture rough cedar finish that looks like custom crafted wood. Like the standard length panel, XL is backed with custom-contoured rigid foam that compensates for minor imperfections in the wall and makes the panel five times more resistant to impact than traditional hollow siding. The foam-backed panel also prevents air infiltration and can increase R-value by up to 22 percent.

For more information about CedarBoards XL insulated siding, visit or call 800-233-8900 and ask for CTS339.


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Using STUDfinder Graphics to Install CedarBoards

Bob Werner is CertainTeed's in-house application specialist. A former owner of his own contracting business, Bob has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The STUDfinder Installation System is designed to help installers nail the siding into studs, thereby avoiding wall cavities that contain hidden wiring, plumbing and other utilities. By making it quick and easy to locate and nail into studs, you can feel confident that the siding you’re installing is safely secured. The precisely engineered nail slots and easy-to-read graphics of STUDfinder ensure an accurate, secure siding installation. As you know, with standard-length panels, the nail slots are set up to align with studs in 16" on center construction. In 24" o.c. construction, two letters repeat every other stud. For example, if the first stud is located at "S," the next will be at "I," then "S," then "I," etc.

However, CertainTeed recommends that both CedarBoards standard length and CedarBoards XL length panels be installed only in 16” on center construction. For CedarBoards XL, succeeding studs will fall at every 8th nail slot. Take your time locating the first two or three studs, and you'll quickly see the easy-to-follow pattern in the STUDfinder graphics.

Remember: Check with your local building code official for special requirements and ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1066 for specific wind-load requirements before you install any siding on 24" centers.

For complete STUDfinder installation instructions, go to, or call our 24-hour Fax-on-Demand service at 800-947-0057 and key in document number 556.

Ask a question to Bob Werner.

Squeaky Clean and Ready to Install

CertaPak shrink-wrap packaging keeps Restoration Millwork PVC cellular trimboards clean and scuff free.

Putting the final touches on your next siding job just got a little bit easier. CertaPak - CertainTeed's latest enhancement to contractor convenience and product quality - ensures that Restoration Millwork PVC cellular trimboard arrives at your jobsite clean and free of smudges, dust, and dirt.

With CertaPak, Restoration Millwork TrueTexture trimboards are securely shrink-wrapped in packages of twos and fours. This keeps the trimboards' Natural White finish beautiful and speeds installation, because it significantly reduces the time you will spend cleaning dirt from the installed boards.

To receive your free Restoration Millwork sample, call 800-233-8900 or visit

CertainTeed Takes Leadership Role in VSI Contractor Training

CertainTeed has taken a dominant leadership role in providing installation training under the Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) Certified Installer program. Since the program’s inception nearly two years ago, CertainTeed Siding has trained nearly 1,000 vinyl siding applicators in the proper installation techniques using VSI’s industry approved methodology. This equates to over half of the total number of installers trained under the program from all manufacturers since its inception.

In addition, CertainTeed has taken this training leadership role a step further by including the VSI Certified Installer certification as a required element of its elite 5-Star Contractor program. By taking this unique initiative, CertainTeed 5-Star Contractors are able to take advantage of not only the VSI Certified Installer benefits, but the multitude of unique additional benefits of the 5-Star program such as:

• Premier website listing on’s Contractor Locator
• Free samples and literature
• Employee screening tool
• Free trial of MarketZone direct mail program
• “Bonus” Rebates under the “Show Me The Money” rewards program
• And much, much more!!

CertainTeed Siding is committed to the professional that installs and specifies our products each and every day.

For more information on:

• 5-Star Contractor Program: please contact your Territory Manager or visit:
• VSI Certified Installer program:

12' Long PVC Trimboards Now Available

Convenient length. More options.

CertainTeed is adding a 12' length to its Restoration Millwork exterior trimboards. Manufactured in both smooth and TrueTexture woodgrain finish, the 12' Natural White trimboards can reduce waste, and give you more flexibility in materials planning. Choose from any of these 31 sizes.

Restoration Millwork trim is made from cellular PVC that looks and feels like top-grade lumber. PVC lasts longer than wood and can be used in place of wood in any non-load-bearing exterior application. It cuts, shapes, routes, and mills with ordinary woodworking tools, fastens with nails or screws, and can be painted to coordinate with any home's exterior.

For more information about Restoration Millwork 12' trimboards, call 800-233-8900 or visit

Free Sales Tools Available from Vinyl Siding Institute

Everything you wanted to know--at a mouse click.

Did you know that the average installed cost of vinyl siding is lower than any other exterior cladding? That vinyl siding scores higher in environmental performance than the majority of exterior cladding materials in almost all qualifying criteria for U.S. Green Building Council LEED Environmentally Preferable Product Status? That Preservation Societies across the country are approving vinyl siding for renovating historic homes?

This and other valuable information about how vinyl siding is meeting the demand for affordable, low-maintenance, authentic looking, and environmentally friendly exterior cladding are available FREE from the Vinyl Siding Institute. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to arm yourself with the kind of fact-filled, independent information that can help convince homeowners that vinyl siding is the best choice for their home.

For a complete list of the free VSI publications available for download, visit

Restoration Smooth Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap


17th century American artistry in 21st century materials.

To faithfully reproduce the 17th century look of smooth brushed wood siding, architects and builders are turning to Wolverine Restoration Smooth Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap. The smooth, low-gloss finish looks like the solid wood siding New World colonists installed to keep out the harsh New England winters.

CertainTeed's Smooth Dutchlap replicates this planed, sealed, and painted wood. Available in 14 low-gloss colors, Restoration Smooth Dutchlap looks great with both Vinyl Carpentry and Restoration Millwork accessories and trim. In addition, like the Triple 3" and Double 4-1/2" Smooth Clapboard panels, the Dutchlap panel is .044" thick and features a 5/8" panel projection that results in exceptional rigidity and straighter on-the-wall performance.

Ask your local building products distributor to show you a sample of the new Wolverine Restoration Smooth Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap panel or call us at 800-233-8900.

Inside Cornerpost the Right Accessory for the Job

Cedar Impressions D7"Perfection Shingles and Inside Cornerpost add authentic wood look to student townhouses.

Dion Hall, a 10,000-square-foot residence hall at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, has a new look. In June, Capitol Siding of nearby Auburn, MA, completed installing 70 squares of Sterling Gray Cedar Impressions Double 7" Perfection Shingles. Because college administrators wanted the building "to look as much like wood as possible," Dale Sarkisian, co-owner of Capitol Siding, suggested installing Cedar Impressions Inside Cornerpost in a matching color.

Sarkisian explains, "This is actually the third siding project we've finished at Assumption College. On our first job, we installed CertainTeed's Monogram siding. They really like it, but once they saw Cedar Impressions, administrators decided the real cedar shake look was what they wanted for the other buildings. I knew the matching cornerpost would give the walls a continuous look we'd never get with any other kind of trim."

Cedar Impressions new Inside Cornerpost adds the finishing touch to a college residence hall in Worcester, Massachusetts

The Right Choice
Assumption College was founded in 1904, but a tornado destroyed virtually all the buildings in 1953. The College rebuilt on a new campus in Worcester, which accounts for its relatively modern architecture. But Worcester is, after all, New England, and the cedar shake shingle is a natural choice for the area.

Built in 1980, Dion Hall was originally called the four-men apartments because each townhouse accommodates four students, and Assumption was an all-male college until 1969. These townhouses are situated right across from the softball fields and are a great place for watching softball and field hockey. It is easy to see why the authentic wood look is the right choice for this building.

Fifty-five Years of Success
Capitol Siding has been in business since 1952--and business is booming. During the height of the season, Capitol keeps as many as 15 crews busy. When asked about his secret to success, company founder Mark Sarkisian Sr. replies, "Customer satisfaction." He and his employees achieve this by beginning and completing jobs on time, employing only top-notch installers, and using only "high grade siding" from companies his customers know and trust - like CertainTeed.

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