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 Winter 2007

Straight Edge Rough Split Shake and a New Perfection Shingle Offer More Options in Cedar Impressions® Siding

New panels bring more choices and installation improvements.
Responding to distributors' requests for more choice in Rough-Split profiles, we have introduced Cedar Impressions® Double 7" Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes. Made of durable, injection molded polypropylene, the 57-inch shakes panel has a 1-inch panel projection and deep, random grain that replicates the look of real cedar shake. A matching 7-inch exposure Rough-Split Mitered Cornerpost is also available.

Our NEW Double 7" Perfection Shingle features two rows of 7-inch shake exposure on a 48-inch-long panel. With its 3/4-inch panel projection and real-cedar finish, the new Perfection Shingle looks like traditional cedar shingles, particularly when it is pared with its complementary Mitered Cornerpost. Both panels feature our TrueTexture™ finish and the many installation innovations that have made the Cedar Impressions family of premium siding some of our most sought-after products.

Installation Innovations

The installation innovations that have contributed to the success of the Triple 5" Perfection Shingle and Double 9" Rough-Split Shakes are also present on the new products. The D7" Straight Edge Rough-Split Shake and NEW D7" Perfection Shingle are manufactured with our Molded Perimeter Lock™ on every panel; these locks hold the panels together tightly and create a seamless appearance. The panels also feature reinforced nail slots that ensure secure installation and ribs on the back of the panel that provide structural stability. In fact, these new panels are so sturdy they will withstand hurricane-force winds.

Installers will love the Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes and NEW Perfection Shingles panels because our patented PanelThermometer™ and temperature lines ensure accurate installation every time. The panel temperature and corresponding alignment marks are clearly displayed on every panel—so installers get it right regardless of temperature changes during the day. (See the article below for more details) This installation innovation is available only on Cedar Impressions panels.

For more information about these and the other products in the Cedar Impressions family of siding, log on to or ask your CertainTeed distributor.


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Monogram 46 Siding Can Beef Up Your Bottom Line

New heavy duty panel is thicker, stronger, with better wind load performance.

Still first in style, first in performance, and first in installation innovation, our beefier .046-inch thick Monogram™ 46 siding has set a new standard for the industry. Designed to perform in the harshest weather conditions, Monogram has design and performance advantages that homeowners value.
• RigidForm™ 220 technology - double thick,rolled-over nail hem that has been tested to withstand 220 mph winds
• CertiLock™ - exclusive locking system with self-aligning multiple bends that ensure a secure fit from course to course
• Deep panel projection - 3/4-inch panel projection for rigid, straighter-on-the-wall panels
• Patented STUDfinder™ Installation - keeps nails positioned into studs and away from plumbing and wiring
• PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection on more than 30 colors, including dark hues and semi-transparent stained blends
• TrueTexture™ Rough Cedar Finish
• Three classic styles: Double 4" Clapboard and Double 5" Clapboard and Dutchlap

To help you sell this premium panel, you can order full color glamour and pocket brochures, a Sample Folder and Color Chips, Box Sample, and Display Board. For more information about Monogram 46 style and color options or to order sales materials, log on to

Restoration Millwork and Vinyl Carpentry Combine for the Perfect Finish

Finishing touches start with decorative trim.

Do you know how to turn a good siding project into a great siding project? Finish it with Restoration Millwork™ and Vinyl Carpentry trim and accessories. With more than 70 trim pieces, corner systems, and decorative accessories to choose from, you can add distinctive touches to windows, doors, and corners; soffit and gables; frieze boards; porches and columns—anywhere exterior trim can enhance the curb appeal of a building .

Vinyl trim and accent pieces create the look of wood craftsmanship with the convenience of low maintenance vinyl. Our Vinyl Carpentry trim and accessories come in a wide a variety of colors and finishes, so homeowners can choose coordinating or contrasting accents. Vinyl Carpentry trim and accessories are suitable for new construction and remodeling applications, and can be installed by any experienced siding contractor.

Restoration Millwork Exterior Trim will customize the look of any exterior. This PVC trim looks and feels like top-grade lumber. Installers like working with Restoration Millwork Trim because it cuts, shapes, routs, and mills with traditional woodworking tools and fastens with nails or screws. A low-maintenance material that is guaranteed for 25 years, Restoration Millwork comes in a Natural White smooth or TrueTexture™ rough-sawn cedar finish that is ready to install.

In a recent development, Sherwin-Williams has introduced SuperPaint® Exterior and Duration coatings with VinylSafe™ technology. The new paints, which can be applied to Restoration Millwork Trim, give building professionals the opportunity to offer more trim options to homeowners because they are no longer restricted to 100 percent acrylic latex paints with light reflective values greater than 55. This is particularly important in regions where dark trim is customary.

Ask your CertainTeed distributor today for more information about Vinyl Carpentry and Restoration Millwork trim and accessories, or log on to If you'd like some great ideas for using trim and accessories, ask to see the 32-page "Great Ideas" brochure, which is available from CertainTeed or your distributor.

Show Me The Money!

Siding and Restoration Millwork product payback.

Buy CertainTeed products, and we'll show you the money! CertainTeed is unveiling an exciting new contractor promotion for 2007 that makes it easy for you to earn cash in the form of a CertainTeed Rewards Visa® card that can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted.

From January 1, 2007 until October 31, 2007, you'll be eligible for a rebate every time you buy eligible CertainTeed vinyl siding and Restoration Millwork™ products. Simply submit your invoices along with a completed redemption form, and you will be issued your CertainTeed Visa card with the appropriate amount loaded onto it. After that, each time you submit an invoice and redemption form, rebates will be automatically added to your card, and you will be notified.

For a listing of eligible products and rebate amounts, and other program details, ask your CertainTeed distributor or territory manager, or visit our website in January 2007

NEW! Five-Star Contractor Program

A new way to enhance your skills, improve your company’s profitability, and earn rewards available only to 5-Star Contractors.

You’re a professional, but how do you distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive market? And more importantly, how do you respond to homeowners who challenge you with estimates from unskilled, fly-by-night contractors whose low-ball pricing keeps you on the defensive?

CertainTeed’s exclusive 5-Star Contractor Program can help you earn the credentials you need to establish yourself as a professional and protect your profits. The 5-Star Program is for contractors who want to grow beyond the current Master Craftsman designation into a program of more extensive learning and skills development. 5-Star Contractors are masters in their field, highly-trained professionals with demonstrated expertise in selling and installing a wide range of CertainTeed siding and trim products.

What You'll Earn
Earning 5-Star status can also be very rewarding. If you earn this distinction, you will receive exclusive financial, merchandising, and promotional awards, including:
• $150 bonus credits to your “Show Me the Money” Visa® card (see previous article) with your first purchase of qualifying products.
• An additional 10% rebate added to your card for every purchase of qualified vinyl siding and Restoration Millwork™ products.
• A free trial of the CertainTeed MarketZone direct mail program.
• Two free trials of Step One Survey II, a web-based pre-employment screening tool to help you select new employees.
• Access to 5-Star promotional merchandise such as work jackets, hats, shirts, etc.
• Free select samples and literature to help grow your business.

In addition, you'll receive an initial quantity of presentation and consumer brochures explaining why homeowners should turn to a 5-Star Contractor for their remodeling projects, a 5-Star patch and long-sleeved shirt, a credentials certificate, and premier listing on the CertainTeed and VSI websites.

How to Qualify
To qualify as a 5-Star Contractor, you must provide proof of Workman's Compensation and Liability insurance and successfully complete the following training programs:
• Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman
• Restoration Millwork Master Craftsman
• VSI Certified Installer

Contact your CertainTeed distributor or Territory Manager for details about the program which will be available January 2007 on

Patented PanelThermometer Ensures Perfect Fit

Bob Werner is CertainTeed's in-house application specialist. A former owner of his own contracting business, Bob has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

When you install polymer shake siding, the temperature issue has always been important to achieve a beautiful, finished appearance. CertainTeed has addressed this issue with the addition of a patented PanelThermometer™ on Cedar Impressions® siding.

Our Cedar Impressions siding panels are made of thick, extra-rigid injection-molded polypropylene. Then we go the extra step by taking into account how changing temperatures will cause the siding to expand and contract. The patented PanelThermometer ensures proper installation in any season.

Panel Temperature Most Important
Which temperature is most important when you install siding—the temperature of the outside air or the temperature of the actual siding panels? While ambient temperature does have an influence, it’s the panel temperature that is most critical. But sometimes, this can be difficult to determine. For example, the outside air could be a crisp, cold 30°F, but if the siding has been sitting in the sun, the panel temperature could actually be 30 to 50 degrees higher.

The PanelThermometer™ eliminates the guesswork in determining panel temperature. An easy-to-read temperature strip comes already secured to the front of every Cedar Impressions panel where the two panels join. The PanelThermometer displays that panel’s current temperature, which may not be the same as the outdoor air temperature.

Without a panel thermometer, you will never know if your panel is installed correctly. But as long as you align the same panel temperature lines to match the brightest illuminated cell on the thermometer strip, you’ll always achieve proper spacing and achieve beautiful results with every home.

Ask a question to Bob Werner.

CedarBoards Accessories Create a Finished Look and Speed Installation

Band board, finish board, inside and outside corners, lineals, and J-channel speed installation.

The insulated siding selected #1 by builders and remodelers is now easier to install. CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding has an expanded line of accessories that have been specially designed to accommodate the 1-1/4-inch-thick CedarBoards panel. These accessories help create the look of fine carpentry and install faster than standard accessories with shims.

Like the panels, CedarBoards accessories are backed with foam insulation that has been treated with fire retardant and insect repellent and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Using these specially designed accessories can speed installation because, unlike standard trim and accessories, they are 1-1/4-inches thick and don't require special fitting with foam shims and fillers. Also, the specially contoured foam backing provides strength and rigidity to the accessories, absorbs sound, and helps prevent air infiltration. It also compensates for minor imperfections in the wall.

In addition to starter strip, J-channel, and 3-1/2 inch lineal, CedarBoards accessories now include:

• Traditional SuperCorner - 5-1/2-inch face, 20-foot, matte cornerpost
• Standard Corner - 3-1/3-inch face, 10-foot, woodgrain cornerpost
• Inside Corner - 1-1/2-inch face, 10-foot, matte finish
• Finish Board - 3-1/2-inch-wide top board in rough cedar finish
• Band Board - 7-1/4-inch-wide transition board in rough cedar finish

Foam shims continue to be available for use with standard accessories.

Ask your CertainTeed distributor to show you the entire line of CedarBoards accessories, or log on to for more information.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Earns VSI Color-Retention Certification

Third-party verification of long-lasting, durable siding colors..

CertainTeed has earned the Vinyl Siding Institute's (VSI) Color Certification for its siding and trim. The VSI color-retention certification process requires a two-year, outdoor weathering study. Each certified CertainTeed color demonstrated the ability to resist major changes in a variety of climates.

“Since vinyl siding is a durable product that never needs painting, customers want to make sure that their vinyl siding will keep its color and look beautiful after the passage of time and exposure to the elements,” said VSI President Jerry Y. Huntley. “We are pleased to offer a process that certifies these shades for color retention.”

The color-retention certification is a new VSI program based on the performance standard for color retention, ASTM D6864. To qualify for color retention certification, CertainTeed’s vinyl siding first received certification for overall quality and performance based on the industry standard ASTM D3679, which covers criteria such as weatherability, windload and impact resistance, among others.

“The VSI color-retention certification program exposed our colors to both real-time and accelerated weather procedures to prove their endurance. We take pride in offering our customers an extensive selection of colors that have demonstrated their ability to keep homes beautiful throughout the years,” says Barbara Dennis, Director of Marketing for CertainTeed’s Siding Products Group. Dennis adds that CertainTeed backs its vinyl siding with PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection, providing homeowners further assurance that CertainTeed vinyl siding colors stay true over time.

The Winner Is...

Jim Vezina of C&S Distributors in Bridgeport, CT, sent in this winning tip: "I had a customer who was covering some 6 x 6 posts using Beaded Soffit and was looking for a way to finish off the top and bottom so the seam didn't show. We recommended Cornice Molding and the new Cornice Cap. They gave the post a nice clean look and made his customer very happy."

Thanks for the tip, Jim. If you'd like to learn how to install the new Cornice Cap, call CertainTeed's Fax-on-Demand number, follow the prompts, and enter 224.


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