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VSI Awards Call For Entries
 Winter 2005
CertainTeed and Wolverine Expand Their Lineups with Shared Products

In 2005, you'll discover that more is definitely better. CertainTeed and our sister brand, Wolverine, have consolidated many top-of-the-line products under the CertainTeed brand name and expanded product offerings of both brands. With CertainTeed and Wolverine you'll be able to offer your customers an unsurpassed selection of products with exceptional performance.

You can now offer eight CertainTeed branded products, including new, Millennium® and Classic™. In addition to the Restoration Shapes™ and Restoration Smooth™, American Legend™, and Encore™ lines, Wolverine now offers CertainTeed TrueComfort®, Millennium®, Carolina Beaded™, and Classic™. CertainTeed Vinyl Carpentry™ soffit and accessories are fully compatible with both brands’ product lines.

See more on the expanded product line-ups in the following article, or for a complete listing of both brands, logon to or call 800-233-8990 and ask for CTS002, 2005 Siding Collection™ Product Catalog or WT128, 2005 Wolverine Product Catalog.

Brand & Product Wider Selection

Expand your horizons... and your choices. New choices from the 2005 line of sidings and accessories offer options your customers will love.

Millennium®, the siding with the patented Nail-Tight flexible hem, has been added to the CertainTeed product line but is still available through your Wolverine distributor. The Nail-Tight hem allows Millennium to float over minor wall imperfections and move as outside temperatures change for flat walls and tight laps. Installation is faster because you can nail tight to the wall using the StudNailing indicators as a guide to 16" o.c. fastening. In addition, Millennium is backed by CertainTeed's PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection, as well the only "Won't Blow-Off" warranty in the industry.

Classic™ is another new choice of CertainTeed premium siding. Available in Double 4" and Double 5" clapboard and Double 4-1/2" dutchlap, Classic comes in 14 siding colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim. It has a low gloss, natural select cedar woodgrain texture that makes it an easy choice for both builders and remodelers.

Additions to Vinyl Carpentry™ soffit and accessories include a cornice cap for capping cornice molding over Cedar Impressions Mitered Cornerposts an undersill trim for finishing Cedar Impressions under windows, and a bay window cornerpost. The bay window cornerpost is pre-formed at a 45°angle, but it is flexible enough to use in 30° applications. In addition, new colors are added throughout the complete line of soffit and accessories.

           The WeatherBoards® FiberCement line of siding and accessories now includes a 7/16" fiber cement trim. Use it to add a finished look on top of functional trim at corners, window and door casings, fascia, or other decorative elements. Our selection of fiber cement soffit now includes solid and fully ventilated smooth soffit.

For more styles, sizes, and colors, logon to Enter the "Professional" site and click "siding." You can also call 800-233-8990 and request the CertainTeed 2005 Siding Collection (CTS001) and 2005 Wolverine Siding Systems (WT080) brochure.


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Selling “Profitable Uniqueness”

By Doug Nyberg, Director of Sales Productivity, CertainTeed

Which selling situation would you rather have? Side-by-side stores that sell exactly the same products to the same customers, or side-by-side stores that sell products in the same category but with unique features and benefits that are easily recognized and understood by customers?

From a product perspective, most of us prefer the second situation. When products are identical, lower price usually clinches the sale. It is true that other elements of a product—workmanship, service, reputation, warranty, etc—influence the buying decision. However, the combination of these elements and your product positioned as a better solution to your customer's needs adds up to one thing: enhanced value.

When a product offers more features and benefits that are easily understood by your customers as fulfilling more of their needs, the product offers increased value or “Profitable Uniqueness.” These unique features and benefits allow you to set your own price for the job based on the value you are providing rather than to lower your price and profit just to get the job.

In this issue of "TradeTalk," you'll read an article highlighting the many unique features and benefits of Millennium siding. To set yourself apart from your competition, get the price you want for the job, and truly offer product solutions, sell the benefits of Millennium. To cite just one example, Millennium's Won’t Blow-Off warranty; is a huge benefit to many homeowners and is unique in our industry.

If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, use the "Profitable Uniqueness" theory. And if you want to find a wide variety of unique—and profitable—products, look no further than your friends at CertainTeed!

Click here to send a question to Doug Nyberg

TrueComfort® Available in Double 6 in. Cedar Board

TrueComfort® Insulated Siding is now available in Double 6" Cedar Board. The new panel provides the natural look of wide-board wood siding with an integral foam backing.

TrueComfort D6 Cedar Board features a straight, even face with a flat surface and a deep ¾” straight-edge panel projection. The natural cedar texture is molded from real cedar boards for an authentic look. Custom contoured foam backing increases the R-value of the siding by up to 22 percent and provides added rigidity and strength.

TrueComfort D6 Cedar Board offers 12 popular colors, a 1-1/4" insulated cornerpost and a wide selection of foam shims made to fit with standard accessories. Click here for more information about TrueComfort Insulated Siding. . [Click here for more details]

Add Style to Your Deck with Two New Boardwalk Decking Products

Finishing touches are the key for a beautiful deck. These details make the difference, and help your deck stand out from others on the block. To make the finishing touches easier, CertainTeed has introduced three new products for its Boardwalk Composite Decking and Railing System: the exclusive Hidden Fastener System, a reversible woodgrain plank, and matching fascia board.

Look at most decks and you'll see row after row of small fastener heads. For a smoother, fastener-free surface, CertainTeed has introduced its Hidden Fastener System (HFS™). Easy to install and "barefoot friendly," the Hidden Faster System is installed from the top of the deck. What’s more, it requires 50% fewer fasteners, saves as much in installation time, and doesn’t require an elevated deck. HFS clips and screws are applied to the top of the joists, and the Boardwalk planks slide into the unique Boardwalk clip.

For the feel of real cedar wood, consider the new Reversible Woodgrain/Smooth 5/4 x 6 Plank. One side features a smooth surface, while the other looks like beautifully grained wood. Everything else is there, too: the performance, the low maintenance, the ease of installation, and, now, the look and beauty of wood. Reversible planks can also be used as stair risers.

Unfinished decks look, well, unfinished. The matching Boardwalk 1/2" x 12" fascia board will end the deck with a flourish. Available in both gray and tan, fascia board can cover the wood substructure, hide uneven end cuts, and give a finished look to every deck.

To learn more about these and the other benefits of the Boardwalk products, ask your distributor for the new Full Line brochure, or call our Sales Support Group 800-233-8990 and ask for BW001. Click here to download the brochure right now.

Millennium... designed to Withstand
Hurricane-Force Winds

Millennium® siding, the newest addition to the CertainTeed line of siding products, offers beauty, performance, and durability.

Every home has “living” walls that expand and contract with changes in temperature. Millennium’s patented SMARTWALL TECHNOLOGY allows the siding to adjust with these changes, so laps stay tight and wavy walls are eliminated. The panel’s Nail-Tight flexible hem is supported by 2,800 PermaFlex™ Suspension Cables. Because the hem is flexible, the panel floats over minor imperfections in the substrate and freely expands and contracts. The fact that it can be “hard nailed” with either pneumatic tools or hammers, combined with the 16” Studnailing™ Indicators, makes for faster, virtually error free installation.

Designed for Hurricane-Force Winds
Millennium® is the siding of choice for high-wind areas because it has been tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds when installed with staples. That's why we can offer Millennium's exclusive “Won’t-Blow-Off” Lifetime Warranty.

Millennium siding is available in Double 4" clapboard and Double 4-1/2" dutchlap, in 14 popular colors. [Click here for more details]

WeatherBoards Adds Trim, Soffit

Our fiber cement product offerings include two new accessories: fiber cement trim and smooth soffit.

WeatherBoards Trim will add a finished look to functional trim. WeatherBoards FiberCement Trim features a deep, authentic cedar grain definition that complements virtually all fiber cement sidings and styles. This full line of trim boards has all the advantages of WeatherBoards FiberCement. It has a Class 1 (A) fire rating, is impervious to wood-boring insects, and will not rot because, like WeatherBoards siding, fiber cement trim is factory primed with FiberTect sealant.

CertainTeed WeatherBoards Soffit is the perfect accessory for all your fiber cement applications. It is manufactured to the same high quality standards as our sidings and carries the same great warranty. WeatherBoards Soffit is available in two finishes, Smooth and Cedar, in both ventilated and non-ventilated panels.

How to Install WeatherBoards 7/16 in. Trim

Bob Werner is CertainTeed's in-house application specialist. A former owner of his own contracting business, Bob has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

You can install WeatherBoards FiberCement Trim just like any finish trim. We recommend that you install the trim to a functional trim substrate, though some applications call for it to be installed over the siding. Whenever you install fiber cement trim, always leave 1/8" between the siding and the trim and caulk this space.

Applying Trim to Trim Substrate
To apply WeatherBoards 7/16" trim to functional trim, make sure you use a trim substrate that provides a 1/2" (minimum) projection from the sided surface. In general, you will attach fiber cement trim as described below, always leaving 1/8" between the siding and the trim.
      1. Windows and Doors — Square or miter-cut the trim boards, and join them in contact with each other. Nail them flush to the window or door every 12" to 16".
      2. Inside Corners — Position a single trim board on the wall, and fasten it every 12" to 16".
      3. Outside Corners — When assembling a traditional corner from two pieces, one piece may be nailed into the other to make the corner. Fasten the trim to the trim substrate every 12" to 16".

Applying Trim over Siding
Make sure the siding is completely installed before you hang the trim.
1. Windows and Doors—Square or miter-cut the trim boards, and nail through the siding into the trim substrate every 12" to 16". Nail only on the nailing area of the siding.
2. Outside Corners—Fasten the boards every 12" to 16". Nail through the siding into the trim substrate. Nail only on the nailing area of the siding.

For additional instructions and illustrations, logon to and go the siding installation pages. You can also retrieve these instructions from our Fax on Demand service. Call 800-947-0057 and select document #1002.

Click here to send a question to Bob Werner

VSI Awards of Distinction Call for Entries...

CertainTeed and Wolverine Siding products have qualified for VSI's annual Awards of Distinction, showcasing the best in aesthetic and performance qualities of vinyl siding. This is an enormous opportunity for you to gain national recognition and respected credentials through VSI, as the program will be heavily promoted

How it works:
Any contractor, builder, architect or VSI Member can submit siding projects for consideration in 5 categories:

  • Residential Re-Siding
  • Residential New Construction
  • Non-Residential Application
  • Special Application
  • Historic Restoration

    The Entry Form and Tips Sheet can be downloaded off the VSI site at

What are the rules:
All entries must be received on or before the close of business on February 18, 2005. All entries submitted must use the official VSI entry form, which is available at High quality photos that highlight the use of vinyl siding must accompany each entry. Winners are chosen based on the photos and the entry form. Winners will be announced at the VSI Spring Meeting April 17 - 19.

The Winner Is...

Chris Wright of Toler Vinyl Siding is the winner of the Leather Bomber Jacket. Chris's winning tip is a great way to demonstrate the value of TrueComfort Insulated Siding.

Chris says, "When I present TrueComfort, I take a piece of regular siding and balance it between some chairs. I add some weight until it sags. Then I do the same with a piece of TrueComfort. The homeowner gets instant visual confirmation of the panel's increased rigidity and strength."

We tried it. It works. Thanks, Chris.

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