Quick Links: What to do with my hard saved cash?



Energy upgrades, like replacing inefficient appliances or upgrading insulation levels, come with real financial payoffs. According to EnergyStar.gov replacing your old refrigerator could save you $35-300 over its lifetime and upgrading those single-pane windows, $125-$465/year. HouseLogic.com estimates adding insulation to your attic could save you as much as $600/year.* So now what to do with all this new found cash? We have some ideas:

Splurge on this drywall to create the perfect gallery wall. No studs required.


Then digitally download some art. Like this bird or these geometric fall prints.


Upgrade your welcome mat. welcome mat. We like personal and friendly.

Bring a little personality to your porch,

Or better yet, bring some personality to your home.


*Savings will vary.