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What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungi. Approximately 69,000 species of fungi have been documented in scientific literature and estimates for the total number exceed 1.5 million. Fungi are a necessary part of nature’s recycling system. They break down natural organic matter such as, leaves, wood and plants. Hence when conditions are favorable for growth, i.e. appropriate moisture levels are present, mold may grow on building products such as lumber, wood paneling, insulations, adhesives, and gypsum board, all of which contain or are organic material. Molds will also grow on dust and coatings, both which may be present on non-organic materials, examples are glass or steel.

Mold spores exist in our normal environment and the potential for mold growth exists when and where the conditions are ripe for its growth. Gypsum board is not the cause of mold growth. Stored, handled, installed and maintained properly (within Gypsum Association recommended guidelines), gypsum board will perform for its intended application.

GYPSUM BOARD MUST ALWAYS BE KEPT DRY to prevent the growth of mold. Note: If issues relating to mold arise in the field that you feel are beyond the scope of your knowledge or authority to act upon, please consult with your CertainTeed representative.

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