Building the Future (Literally): Share your Story

We know there are a lot of talented people in the trades and it’s about time everyone else did too. 

We want to know, and more importantly we want the youth of America to know, there are a lot of rewarding, good paying jobs out there just waiting for the right individuals. Our goal is to gather dozens of stories from the men and women out there every day repairing, erecting, literally, building the next chapter in this great nation. 

How did you come to the trades? Was it a vocational program? An apprenticeship? A lot of on-the-job training? What’s the best part of your day?

Complete the form below to share your story (feel free to include a picture or two) or post on social #KeepCraftAlive #mystory. We’ll gather the stories together and make them available for all to read. 


Please include a photo that best represents your story; your favorite project, you and a mentor, etc.