Powerful, Portable Performance

The Volu-Matic® 100, formerly the Volu-Matic® MS, frees you from being tied to onsite power supplies: it’s a self-contained, gasoline-driven positive displacement blower that’s ideal for professional contractors, distributors, lumber yards, and rental centers. Perfect for installation in a smaller box truck or trailer, this all-purpose, mid-size machine delivers excellent blow speeds for a machine of its class. It’s well-suited to weatherization work and small- to medium-sized jobs.

Since 1999, the respected Unisul brand of high-performance insulation machines has been part of the Machine Works portfolio. Today, Unisul is fully integrated. You may notice a new look and a streamlined lineup, but the machines’ quality and performance are still top-notch, as is the technical support that helps keep them running for decades.  

Key Features:


Gas-powered engine
Air volume control with panel-mounted gauge
Material control slide
Two electric clutches
Automatic backflow check valve
Electrical overload protection
Positive displacement blower
Self-aligning sealed bearings
Adjustable drive belts
Wired Remote control
Integrated safety features


Wireless remote control
Blowing hose
Couplings and clamps
Engine air intake and exhaust kit

Feature Details:

Positive Displacement Blower - Dependable long-life blower provides consistent flow of air to the air-lock feeder. 

Automatic Back Flow Check Valve - The check valve in the air line between the blower and the feeder keeps material from being forced back into the blower by back-pressure when the machine stops blowing. 

Electrical Overload Protection - All machines are protected by circuit breakers sized for the individual circuits. The circuit breakers are designed to be reset should a trip occur.  

Fully Sealed Blow-Through Air-Lock Feeder – Provides installer with a consistent flow of conditioned fiber.

Air Volume Control System - Adjustable air pressure and air flow control with panel-mounted display gauge.

Material Control Slide - Secondary volume and conditioning control. Allows operator to adjust fiber flow to the shredder.

Remote Control - Gives installer the option of selecting Air Only or Air and Fiber from the point of application. 

Powder-Coat Finish – Durable, long-life protection for your investment. 

Integrated Safety Features - Front, rear, and side guards surround all moving parts. In addition, an electrical interlock disables the drive mechanism when the front safety guard is opened. Easily accessible Emergency Stop switches are standard.  

Self-Aligning Sealed Bearings –High-quality bearings keep out dust and are equipped with Zerk fittings for proper maintenance.  

Adjustable Drive Belts – Maximize belt life with flexibility to adjust tension.  

Technical Information

Drive System
14 HP gas engine 
Typical Feed Rates
Fiberglass - 11-15 lbs. (4.9-6.8 kg)/min.
Stone Wool - 16-22 lbs. (7.2-9.9 kg)/min.
Cellulose - 15-20 lbs. (9.1-13.6 kg)/min.
Load height: 54"
Height: 68" (173 cm)
Width: 54" (137 cm)
Depth: 46.5" (118 cm)
Weight: 850 lbs. (385 kg)