General Operation:

The Gustin-Bacon Measure-Matic™ from CertainTeed Machine Works provides easy and accurate measurement of the thickness, resilience, and firmness of compressible and deformable materials, including non-woven fabrics. The Measure-Matic is widely used in a variety of industries including insulation, automovitce, aerospace, healthcare products and clothing.

The Measure-Matic™ moves freely and effortlessly, with the faces of the Platen and Table parallel at all times. By adjusting the Counter Weight, the Platen can be made to balance perfectly at any desired height above the Table up to five inches.

Appropriate laboratory test methods should be followed to achieve consistent, repetitive and comparative results. A predetermined load, typically two grams per square inch of surface area, is applied to the platen during the measurement process. Due to the linkage ratios of the Measure-Matic™, the Indicator movement represents a tenfold movement of the Platen. For example, an Indicator reading of 0.01 inches indicates a Platen travel or material thickness change of 0.10 inches. 

Choose from two Measure-Matic models with either digital or analog indicators

To Measure Thickness – Position the Counter Weight on the rear of the Measure-Matic™ until the Platen remains at rest a known height above the Table. Raise the Platen and carefully place the test specimen on the Table. Add the weight to the Platen and carefully lower the Platen until it comes in contact with the material. Release the Platen, wait approximately ten seconds, and then record the Indicator reading.

To Measure Resilience – Measure the thickness as described above. Place an additional load on the Platen and, after a predetermined period of time, record the new Indicator reading. Remove only the additional load, and after a period of time, again record the Indicator reading. Comparison of the original thickness, compressed thickness, and final thickness provides an indication of the material’s compression and resilience characteristics.


Firmness Test Adapter

Special adapter to measure the firmness or softness of padding materials used for seating applications or acoustical materials. Includes:  Upper and lower platens, auxiliary counter weight w/ mounting bracket, calibration decal for the dial indicator and attachment hardware.


Digital Indicator

English / Metric LCD display with 1 inch / 25.4mm travel.



Analog Dial Indicator

Standard back dial indicator with one inch travel graduated in .001 increments.







Product Overview

Technical Information

Models & Options:

Standard Measure-Matic™ with analog dial indicator
Standard Measure-Matic™ with digital indicator
Non-Standard Measure-Matic™ with longer uprights (for thickness 3 ½” to 9 ½”)
Analog Dial Indicator Kit
Digital Indicator Kit
Firmness Test Adapter

Test Methods:

Typical test methods include, but are not limited to: 

ASTM D5729-97 (2004) – Std Test Method for Thickness of Nonwoven Fabrics
ASTM D5736-95 (2001) – Std Test Method for Thickness of Highloft Nonwoven Fabrics
Ford Laboratory Test Method BN 023-02 – Thickness Testing For Padding Materials
Ford Laboratory Test Method BN 123-01 – Firmness Test For Padding Materials
INDA WSP 120.2 (09) – Std Test Method for Thickness of Highloft Nonwoven Fabrics
INDA WSP 120.3 (09) – Std Test Method for Measuring Compression and Recovery of Highloft Nonwoven Fabrics