Round Hole Cutter

 Cuts perfect circle taps in fiber glass duct sections. 4" (10 cm) through 20" (51 cm) diameter holes are cut quickly and simply. Decal shows exact hole size. Replaceable cutting blade is heat-treated for long life.


Cuts-All Tool

Replaces shiplap grooves in fiber glass duct board. Used in fitting fabrication for both shop and field applications. Available in 1.0” (seen here), 1.5”, 2.0” male and 2.0” female.



Peeler Knife

Sturdy knife blade is heat treated to resist the abrasive damage to normal knife blades or razor blades caused by glass fibers. "Pan" end makes the cleaning of end cap staple flaps simple and consistently clean.



Caster Set  

Four heavy duty swivel casters, two with brakes, to replace worn or damaged casters on any model grooving machine 




Toggle Clamp Spindles

Set of five Rubber Spindles for the Tool Holder Toggle Clamp.



Fab Knife

General purpose knife for cutting and trimming board