Timeless Beauty

Beautiful from the day it is installed, ICON™ is a product you will be proud of.

The wide ICON planks will get you what narrower profiles don’t: the distinctive character of natural timber and traditional cedar planks, for a more upscale look.

Molded from real cedar planks, CertainTeed’s TrueTexture™ Select Cedar woodgrain recreates the look of wood. Unlike real wood, this material will last for generations, keeping a fresh and clean aspect.

The distinctive lines of this popular profile enhance most architectural styles from traditional to contemporary designs.

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout

ICON comes primed and ready to paint. Select your favorite high-grade, non-oil-based exterior brand paint to choose the ideal color: from subtle whites and creams to vibrant dark colors, like reds or greys. 


16’ length planks have less seams  when installed than a traditional length. These longer profiles create a more beautiful and consistent appearance.

Defined square edges produce dramatic shadow lines on your wall, emulating the true look of wood planks.

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout

Creates defined shadow lines like a real wood plank.

Our hidden fastening system preserves the natural look of your ICON plank siding.

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout


The solid wood look and feel of ICON™ Composite Siding is unmistakable. This distinctive character is created through its wide flat face and square edges - and is complemented beautifully with a Select Cedar™ True Texture™ finish emulating real wood. Its 16' plank lengths produce a more beautiful finish by creating fewer seams than standard length planks. Each plank is secured with hidden fasteners, which eliminates visible nail heads.


PLANK FEATURES ICON Composite Siding Competitive Products
  • Solid plank and wide 7" reveal provide the realism of cedar wood planks.
  • Is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Requires constant - and often expensive - maintenance.
  • Longer 16' plank lengths mean fewer unsightly seams and a more attractive, finished look.
  • Shorter 12' plank lengths not only mean more unsightly seams, but also more unsightly expansion gaps.
  • Unique hidden fastener system eliminates visible nail heads for a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Face nailing may be required and not only compromises overall looks, but also increases potential for cracked panels during installation.



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