Superior Durability

Thanks to its unique formulation ICON™ is tested and proven to have reduced moisture absorption and minimal expansion and contraction.

That means it will not rot, mold or decay over time.

ICON provides a level of performance that was never available – until now.

Side-by-side test of moisture absorption

Wood and fiber cement based products can absorb over 8X more water than ICON siding, making them more likely to fail due to swelling and cracking. Why take the risk? Make the right choice.

ICON has superior moisture resistance, which means the planks will have minimal expansion or contraction over the years. They can be butted tightly together during the installation, giving the wall a gapless, seamless appearance.

This patented fastening placement guide ensures that the planks are always nailed to a stud, increasing the resistance of your ICON planks to high wind-load.

It will also protect the interior wall cavity from accidental punctures to an electrical or plumbing line.

ICON is able to withstand hurricane force winds.

Thanks to the combination of both STUDfinder and Stack Lock features, the planks are secured together to the stud, increasing their strength and durability.

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Say goodbye to costly repairs to fix peeling paint, rotting, warping and cracking planks.