ICON™ Composite Siding is designed to not only look beautiful, but also to ensure fast, safe and precise installation for maximum siding performance.
From its easier handling and portability to its revolutionary features, ICON™ can reduce the total number of man-hours by a considerable margin.

ICON’s unique formulation has created a panel that is not only lightweight but also flexible and easy to handle.
A single installer can carry up to 6 planks at a time without fear of breakage.

The unique self aligning Stack Lock design makes the plank easy for a single installer to hang without the use of clips.
It provides additional stability on the wall.

The patented STUDfinder™ system helps identify wall stud placement, providing a precise fastening guide.
It drastically improves speed of installation, accuracy, safety and performance, by ensuring correct nail position every time.

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout

Planks can be butted tightly together and require no additional caulking or flashing. This creates a seamless and clean appearance on the wall.

A defined nailing line is inset on every ICON panel to ensure proper nail placement every time and eliminate visible nail heads. 

ICON’s unique product formulation makes it strong enough to hard nail using a standard roofing gun without risk of panel damage. 

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout

ICON can be cut or scored and snapped with a hand blade for an easy install in tight places. 

Landing Column Layout: 
Simple Layout


With lightweight and flexible planks, ICON™ allows for faster and simpler installation. The unique self-algning Stack Lock makes installation by a single installer possible. The patented STUDfinder™ feature with its integrated fastening guide takes the guesswork out of installing. ICON delivers advantages other alternatives don't.


INSTALLATION FEATURES ICON Composite Siding Competitive Products
  • Easy to handle. Enables one-person carrying and installation to minimize the amount of installers on a job.
  • A single installer can cut several planks at once.
  • "Gives" just enough to fit in tight spaces.
  • Requires two-person handling and installation. Two installers needed to carry multiple planks at a time, increasing overall costs.
  • Cannot cut multiple planks at once without risk of damage.
  • Difficult to install in tight spaces and can crack during installation.
  • Unique Stack Lock design self-aligns and requires no clips.
  • One person can overlap and fasten in fewer steps.
  • One person must hold the plank while another measures the overlap, aligns and fastens.
  • Allows for minimal expansion and contraction, can be butted tightly together and does not require flashing or caulking.
  • May expand and contract, requiring space between planks and the need for flashing and caulking.
  • Our patented STUDfinder system provides a precise fastening placement guide to improve speed of installation, accuracy, safety, and performance by ensuring correct nail position.
  • You're on your own when choosing where to nail, perhaps missing a stud or hitting an electrical wire.
  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and blades.
  • Can easily be scored and snapped.
  • May call for the use of specialized expensive blades that dull quickly.


How to Install ICON™ Composite Siding

Review the installation video below before beginning your project for the best results.


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