Home Free Videos

It takes a village to build a dream home. CertainTeed is proud to support Home Free on FOX. Find all of the latest videos from the show including an inside look at CertainTeed products in action. Be sure to check back weekly as new videos are added. ​

Home Free – Roofing Work Order

On Season 2 of Home Free on Fox, you need to complete the work orders to stay in the game. In episode 3, the work order has the Yellow Team measuring the roof line to determine how many bundles of CertainTeed Landmark shingles they will need to complete the job. Add wrong and someone could be going home!

Home Free - Siding Work Order

On episode 5 contestants are asked to install CertainTeed Cedar Impressions perfection shingles on a Cape Cod style house. Contestants are asked to push past their limits to complete a job even Mike Holmes says should be left to the professionals. Can they hold up under the pressure or is someone going home?

Home Free - Drywall & Insulation Work Order

On Home Free season 2 you have to finish the work orders to stay in the game. On episode 6 contestants are asked to finish building a wall by measuring and installing CertainTeed AirRenew drywall overtop of Smartbatt insulation. Word of advice from Mike Holmes - install this right or you could be going home!

Home Free – Roofing Work Order 2

On season 2 of Home Free complete the work orders or you could go home. With only four contestants left, every challenge is critical. Working in teams of two, harnesses in place, the remaining contestants must work together to install a Landmark roof before the competition. The lesson today: Stay on sure