Glass Master Products

Glass Master offers the world's most complete selection of grooving equipment, with choices ranging from standard hvac shop models to high volume, high efficiency models. 

Fabricate quality fiber glass duct systems 10 to 20 times faster than using hand techniques - at only a fraction of the investment required for an automated sheet metal shop. And the life expectancy of every Glass Master machine is virtually unlimited, keeping resale values high and making any Glass Master purchase a wise investment.

Hand-grooving fiber glass duct board used to be an inexact and tediously inefficient process, at best. Glass Master, the company that has for years produced the vast majority of the industry's fiber glass duct fabrication machines, put the company's engineering know-how to work in developing a manual system of hand fabrication that works.

Round Hole Cutters, Cuts-All Knives, Toggle Clamps and other useful hand fabrication and machine tools and accessories are available to make your shop or field work easier and more efficient.

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