Fab-Master Duct Board Grooving Hand Tools

Reliable, Consistent Results

The FabMaster hand grooving system incorporates many of the same design features that Glass Master has perfected for use in its high-volume production grooving machines. It dramatically reduces time spent measuring and locating where to cut. The "no-marking, no-add-ons" design with easy-to-read, pre-numbered tools substantially reduces the opportunity for error. The FabMaster is a very valuable tool for every contractor doing fiber glass duct fabrication.

The FabMaster Shiplap Kit consists of the measuring square and hand tool #’s 1, 2/4, 3 and 5S. When ordered with a protective carrying case, a #6 hand tool and a Cuts-All tool are also included. An easy to follow, step-by-step guide to using the FabMaster system is included with every kit. FabMaster Kits, with and without protective cases, are available to groove 1” and 1 ½” board.

Standard Features

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum FabMaster tools are ergonomically designed for an extremely comfortable fit.
  • Large tool sledding areas facilitate smooth, precision cuts and minimize operator fatigue.
  • Cutting blades are constructed of high quality spring steel, sharpened, heat treated and coated for incredibly long life.
  • The FabMaster Square:
    • Heavy, anodized aluminum construction
    • Adjusts quickly to cut 90o, 75o, 67.5o, 60o, and 45o angles
    • An easy to grip positioning screw
    • Doubles as a straight-edge cutting guide
    • Fully reversible for left-handed operation
    • Folds up quickly into a single 48" long section for easy storage

Optional Accessories

  • The #6 tool is used to cut both male and female shiplaps simultaneously.
    • Extremely helpful when shortening duct section length, installing end-caps or making stronger, more precise offsets.  
  • The V tool produces a standard 90o groove for simple closures.
  • Many other versatile Glass Master accessory tools such as the Cuts-All, Peeler Knife and Round Hole Cutter can also be added to the set.
  • All hand tools, the Square and the case may be purchased separately.

Product Information