Hands-On Training for Flintlastic®
Low-Slope Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen

“The roof is leaking!”  

Call Backs Hurt.  Whether you’re a building owner, contractor or manufacturer this phrase results in stress and frustration. Property owners risk loss and damage and both contractors and manufacturers risk reputation and profit.

The shortage of qualified labor and the retention of skilled labor is a major contributing factor to workmanship-driven failures. In part, this issue stems from a void in off-the-job learning opportunities.  

At CertainTeed, we believe our contractors are an extension of our brand; our materials are only as effective in providing durable rooftop protection as the skill set of the tradesman installing. We are committed to supporting the technical and professional development of our contractor community through education.

Schedule At-a-Glance

Trainees receive two days of in depth classroom (10%) and hands-on (90%) training and walk away with experience and confidence to support Flintlastic SA applications and the ability to reduce or eliminate installation errors.

Application training is conducted on roof deck training stations, three-four people per station.

It is recommended that attendees arrive the evening before Day 1.

DAY 1 – 2-Ply New / Nailable

8 am to 4 pm

•   Classroom review of products and systems
•   Mechanically attach base and self-adhere cap over nailable substrate
•   Membrane details including
•   Edge metal (CT-01)
•   Wall termination, inside/outside corner (CT-09-10)
•   Pipe penetration (CT-13)

DAY 2 – 2-Ply Recover

8 am to 4 pm

•   Classroom review of products and systems
•   Adhere FlintBoard® HD with Millennium One-Step Foamable Adhesive
•   Self-adhere base and cap
•   Cold weather application end-lap and edge metal
•   SmartFlash ONE liquid flashing pipe penetration (CTL-21) 
•   Plant Tour
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Lodging & Area Information


•     Room accomodations at Hampton Inn & Suites, Little Rock will be provided if requested during registration.

•     Event meals and shuttle service to and from the Airport and Plant will also be included

Hampton Inn & Suites - Little Rock, Arkansas

320 River Market Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-244-0600



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There is no official demonym for residents of Little Rock. Some prefer "Little Rockian," while others use the slightly more adorable "Little Rocker."

After the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling deemed segregation in schools unconstitutional, a group of black students known today as The Little Rock Nine made history as they were escorted into Little Rock Central High School by the Arkansas National Guard per President Dwight D. Eisenhower's order. A monument to the Little Rock Nine, "Testament," stands on the grounds of the state capitol.

"Little Rock" isn't just a cute nickname: It stems from an actual little rock. While leading a party of travelers, French explorer Bernard de la Harpe christened a certain small rock formation on the Arkansas River as La Petite Roche—“the little rock”—and the name stuck around once the area was settled.

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Enjoy your time in Little Rock!


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