SimTek® FAQs

Product FAQs

What is a SimTek Fence?

We’ve created fence product using a rotational molding process that makes for stunning beauty and incredible durability. We have two designs; a rock wall style called Ecostone and a shadow-box wood fence style called Ashland. Several years of research and development resulted in product lines with engineered excellence that cannot be found anywhere else in the market place.


What material is SimTek Fence made of?

SimTek products are molded of sunlight stabilized polyethylene. All reinforcing steel is galvanized. Polyethylene provides exceptional durability, longevity and resilience. Gasoline and other corrosives are routinely stored in polyethylene containers. SimTek fences are resistant to organic processes, ultraviolet light, almost all chemicals and other common conditions that break down other walls and products. In short, polyethylene is tough, it lasts.


What colors are available?

SimTek is available in six beautiful designer granite colors for Ecostone. And five designer natural wood colors for Ashland. All posts, panels, caps, gates and other accessories are available in all colors listed.


Can I transition between panel sizes?

Yes, SimTek offers a Gap Filler that is designed to fit in the grove above a 3’ panel when transitioning from a 6’ to 3’ panel. Gap Fillers are available in all colors to match the color of your fence.

Gates and Hardware FAQs

Can I adjust the gate after installation?

Yes. SimTek hinge hardware is adjustable both vertically and horizontally so there is never a need to remount hardware. An Allen wrench is all that is required.


Can I mount a gate from a source other than SimTek?

Yes, gates provided by others have been successfully mounted on SimTek gate posts. Overall size and weight must conform to factory specs and hardware must be properly fastened to posts.


Performance FAQs

How durable is SimTek?

SimTek walls are:

Unaffected by water, most common chemicals, salt spray and algae.

Resistant to impact. Baseballs, golf balls, rocks and other such items bounce off.

Performs well in hot and cold climates, bright sunlight and heavy moisture.


What about high winds?

SimTek Walls will withstand 110 mph sustained winds and 130 mph gusts.


Does heavy sunlight, resulting heat and ultraviolet rays affect SimTek?

SimTek is engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +140° F. SimTek is very fade resistant, containing UV-12 inhibitors to combat ultraviolet rays from the sun. Most other resin based products contain up to UV-8 inhibitors.


Does a SimTek Wall block sound?

SimTek Walls are an excellent sound barrier. If we use a 6’ concrete wall as a 100% barrier, SimTek blocks 98%, while wood blocks 75% of direct sound.


How about graffiti?

SimTek is graffiti resistant. SimTek has been tested with various paints, most of which have been removed with a pressure-washer. Certain marks require common carburetor cleaner. Spray it on for two minutes, the paint softens, then pressure-washes off.


What about sprinkler deposits, algae or moss, or weed-eaters?

Sprinkler “rainbows” of calcium, algae and moss may stick on the surface of a SimTek wall, but will pressure-wash off. Weed-eaters do not significantly affect SimTek, it takes repeated impact, many times for a weed-eater to begin to leave a slight polish on the surface.


What effect do termites, other insects or organic materials have on SimTek?

Termites and other insects have no effect on a SimTek Wall. Exposure to alkaline or acidic soils has little effect on SimTek.

Ordering SimTek

What do I need to order?

If you will be mounting the posts in the ground, you will need to order 1 post, 1 panel, and 1 cap for each 6 foot section. You will also need to order 1 post for each end of a line of fence. SimTek offers 4 different types of posts, line, end, corner, and gate posts. Alternatively if you are mounting on a concrete surface you will have to order 1 post, 1 panel, 1 cap, and 1 mounting shoe and skirt.


What is a line post?

A line post is a post that is used between 2 panels within a line of fence. SimTek Fence is set up using a tongue and groove method, a line post has two grooves in it in order to receive panels on opposite sides. A line post also includes 2 panel support brackets attached to the bottom of the post.


What is a corner post?

A Corner post is a post set up to receive panels at a 90° angle. It is used to create a corner in the line of fence. A corner post also includes 2 panel support brackets attached to the bottom of the post


What is an end post?

An end post is made with only 1 groove to receive a panel. An end post is used when ending a line of fence. Places where you would want to use an end post are next to a house, or on the latch side of a gate. An end post also includes 1 panel support bracket attached to the bottom of the post.


What is a gate post?

A gate post is a heavily steel reinforced post used when mounting a gate. Gate posts must be barred in order to support a gate. A gate post also includes 1 panel support bracket attached to the bottom of the post.


What is a panel support bracket and what is it used for?

A panel support bracket is used to hold the fence panels inside the posts. You will need 2 panel support brackets per panel, or 2 per line post, 2 per corner post, 1 per end post and 1 per gate post. These are included with your purchase of the post. Panel support brackets are not required when mounting on concrete, the panel can sit right on the concrete, or on the optional skirt provided with the concrete mounting brackets.


How about a gate?

When ordering a gate, you will need to order 1 gate post per gate. When installing a single 3', 4', 5', or 6' gate, an end post is used to receive the gate and to mount the latch to. All required gate hardware is included with the gate. Make sure you specify if you are using a single or double gate configuration, so that you get the right hardware. Drop rods are not included in the required hardware, and must be ordered separately.

Maintenance and Life Cycle Cost

What about maintenance?

SimTek Walls normally require no maintenance.


What is the long term “Life Cycle Cost” of my SimTek Decorative Wall?

Unlike other fences and decorative walls that require ongoing maintenance and other costs, your initial investment in SimTek is all that is required. This means that over the life of your investment SimTek may be the most cost-effective product you buy. 

Installation and Warranty

What about installation?

SimTek has dealers and installers in many areas of the country. Please contact SimTek to find a dealer in your area.


Can I install a SimTek Fence myself?

Yes. SimTek is very user-friendly to do-it-yourselfers. Be certain you comply with all local fencing codes, including depth below grade that posts are set in concrete. The most time consuming steps are digging holes in the ground or anchoring posts in concrete. The posts and panels can be easily handled with minimal impact on your yard. Complete step-by-step instructions are available at SimTek’s website and should be viewed prior to installation.


How do I activate my warranty?

Once you have your SimTek Fence installed, please visit our warranty registration page on our website to register your SimTek Fence.


What is covered by the warranty on my SimTek Fence?

SimTek carries a Lifetime Warranty. “SimTek Fence warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original end use purchaser of this product, or for as long as the original end use purchaser owns and occupies the real estate on which the product was first installed.”

The Manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to installation. A complete copy of the SimTek Fences’ Warranty Certificate is found here.


Are there exclusions in the SimTek warranty?

Yes. The Warranty will not cover damages as a result of abuse, misuse, vandalism, unauthorized repairs or modifications, defacement, neglect, accident, improper installation or improper use, etc.

Installation normally is warranted by competent professional installers.

Concrete Mounting Shoes and Accessories

Can I mount SimTek posts to a concrete surface?

Yes. SimTek has engineered steel Concrete Mounting Brackets or Shoes designed to mount on either an 8” wide (minimum) concrete wall or a flat concrete surface such as a driveway. Concrete mounting shoes bolt to the posts, which must be cut off creating a flat bottom surface, and with the internal steel post structure there is excellent steel-on-steel thread engagement. Mounting Shoes meet the same wind load performance standard as posts mounted in soil. There is an optional “Skirt” that is of molded polyethylene and color-matched to cover the base and fasteners of the Mounting Shoes.


What about ornamental metal panels?

SimTek does not provide ornamental metal from the factory. You may purchase ornamental metal to be used with a 3’ panel or in place of a 6’ or 3’ panel.