Create A Backyard Oasis with Privacy Fencing


Whether you love to host barbecues on hot summer days or laze around on a lawn chair while kids and pets play, you’ll want to have an outside space that is private, pleasing to the eye, and secure. However, choosing a privacy fence is a big decision - with many different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, how do you find the right fence to achieve your backyard oasis?

When selecting a vinyl privacy fence, you want to choose wisely. With its longevity and durability, this fence is certain to last, so you will want to love it! Look for products that suit your style, require little to no maintenance, and provide you with comfortable seclusion.


What You Need to Know About Privacy Fence Designs

Starting with the basics, let's break down what makes up a privacy fence so you will be prepared with all the correct terminology!

Fence panels allow for an easy and seamless installation. With each panel representing one section, they are secured to the post through routed holes with hidden fasteners. 

Pickets make up the majority of the fence panel. They offer additional support for your posts, and can also provide aesthetic value by creating an accent at the top of your fence.

Posts provide your vinyl fence with stability and support. They are held upright with a footer - typically poured concrete - to keep them in place and stop a fence from gradually shifting. 

Tongue and groove is a design feature for interlocking the pickets in a privacy fence panel. These connections provide rigidity and help prevent gaps from forming between pickets.

Fence Gates: The addition of a gate to your backyard will provide your yard with additional functionality and beauty. With various designs and colors to choose from, a vinyl privacy gate is the perfect finishing touch. In addition, the vinyl finish will prevent the gate from rusting and maintain its durability.  

When selecting a privacy fence, you do not have to sacrifice beauty over practicality. That is why CertainTeed offers a wide range of styles and selections that give you the freedom to personalize your outdoor living space.


Here are a few popular vinyl privacy fence profiles from our Bufftech collection that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable:

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture: This vinyl privacy fence offers an authentic wood grain texture and tongue and groove picket design. With three different heights to choose from, 4', 5', 6', you are in control of how much privacy you have in your backyard. Chesterfield has a plethora of colors to choose from, ranging from the natural wood warmth of Sierra Blend to the cool, weathered gray of Arctic Blend. 

Galveston with CertaGrain Texture: This bold fence comes in two heights, 7' and 8', providing you with the ultimate in complete privacy. Even with Galveston’s towering heights, it can still be customized to complement your yard. With several colors to choose from in a CertaGrain finish, you can achieve your desired curb appeal as well as  ultimate privacy. 

New Lexington: This smooth-textured fence comes in three heights, 4', 5', 6', and is known for its Classic Curve deco rail design and signature "v'' groove picket. Smartly priced,  it includes a lifetime limited warranty with SureStart™ parts and labor protection to assure the fence's integrity. 


Benefits of A Privacy Fence 

So, now that you are equipped with a bit of knowledge about privacy fence design, you may be wondering ‘is there more to those good looks and sturdy fence posts?’, the answer is yes! Here are other ways that a privacy fence can benefit you.

The Bufftech Chesterfield Extruded privacy fence in the CertaGrain texture in Sierra Blend offers a natural look that will match any outdoor living space.

1. Increase the value of a house: You can enhance your curb appeal by framing your yard with beautiful textures and colors. A privacy fence can help to increase your home's value by up to 28%, according to landscape economist John Harris. 

2. Save Money in the long run: Vinyl fences come at a higher up-front cost than typical wooden fences; however, the maintenance of wood fences can rack up costs in stains and treatments. Further, according to HomeAdvisor wooden fences usually only have an average life span of 20 years. Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance and can keep their color and durability for up to 100 years. 

3. Provide a garden with safety, security, and privacy: There are many benefits to installing a privacy fence, but keeping your loved ones and furry four-legged friends safe is always at the top of the list. A privacy fence will also keep unwanted visitors out by increasing your security. According to, tall wooden and vinyl fences are challenging to scale and are more likely to deter trespassers from entering your property. 


Semi-Private Fence 

If you are unsure about going full throttle with privacy, semi-privacy fences are the perfect in-between. A semi-private fence has wider gaps between pickets, allowing for more airflow in your yard, and creates a pleasant balance between nature and privacy.


Explore More Fence Styles

Explore additional fence styles that can bring your backyard dream to life:

Picket Fence: This vinyl fence style is traditional and timeless, gracing your yard with a light and airy atmosphere while simultaneously providing you with the added benefits of security. If a picket fence is what you're after, but you want to shake things up with a modern look, CertainTeed offers various shapes, colors, and textures to choose from, like the Baron Select Cedar, which comes in a wide array of colors. 
Post & Rail Fence: A vinyl post & rail fence will put you one step closer to achieving your desired aesthetic for a rustic cottage chic look. With a suitable amount of spacing between the railings, you can create an open space that will be sure to keep animals and children contained.

Ready to visualize how your dream fence will look? CertainTeed has a tool for that! Visit to try out numerous fence profiles for your yard before making your purchase decision!