Get the Classic Look of a Post and Rail Fence


A post and rail fence, also known as a split rail fence, is a classic American fence style. One of the earliest forms of fencing due to its easy installation and limited resource requirement, a post and rail fence is an inexpensive fence option that provides a charming countryside character. Thanks to the post and rails' easy installation process, this fence is perfect for your next DIY project!

Unlike a privacy or picket fence, a split rail fence will not block the views of your surroundings, so you can appreciate the landscape that spreads beyond your property lines.

Vinyl Post and Rail Fence Products

Traditionally a post and rail fence is made from wood, which requires ongoing maintenance to maximize its durability and longevity. However, you can still achieve that authentic wood look without sacrificing long-term stability with a split rail fence made from vinyl.

Explore these different vinyl split rail fence styles from the CertainTeed BufftechⓇ collection to find the right post and rail fence for your outside living space.

2-Rail Post & Rail Smooth Finish vinyl fence will accentuate your landscape's natural beauty with its wide gaps between rails. This decorative split rail fence comes in two colors, Almond, and White, along with SureStart™, a lifetime limited warranty parts and labor protection. Although this fence is charming with its simple country look, it’s not suitable for keeping pets contained. If you are looking for a fence to secure your perimeter, it is recommended to explore other styles. 

2-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture vinyl fence is identical in practicality to the smooth-finish split rail fence,  but differs considerably in style. Its CertaGrain texture provides your outdoor space with the look of authentic wood. The rails come in two different sizes: 1 ½" x 5 ½” (in white only), and 2" x 6" (available in four different colors). All options come with ColorLast® dark color fade protection and a Lifetime Limited Warranty with SureStart™ parts and labor protection.

3-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain Texture vinyl fence includes an additional rail that makes it suitable for keeping animals safe and secure. The 3-Rail Post and Rail also comes in a smooth finish for sleek classic look. 

4-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain Texture vinyl split rail fence is suitable for horses and livestock. This style of fence provides your outdoor living space with a low maintenance design and natural wood look. The 4-rail post and rail fence is also offered in the smooth finish

CrossBuck Fence offers an excellent accent to your yard with its cross rail feature. This vinyl fence consists of two rails crossing over one another and forming an X between the posts. CertainTeed offers this classic fence style, CrossBuck, in the color white with the dimensions 1-1/2" x 5-1/2". 


Why Should You Choose a Split Rail Fence?

Save you Money: Besides post and rail fences' ability to elegantly frame your garden, it is also a financially sound decision if you are working within a budget. Although prices can vary based on the size of your property and style of post and rail fence the cost still remains significantly lower in comparison to other fence option like a privacy fence. 

Provides a Pleasing Aesthetic: A split rail fence is suitable for any terrain creating an unobstructed view of your surrounding landscape. In the face of the simplicity in this fences design - you are still adding value to your property. Installing a charming post and rail fence around your property will increase curb appeal!


Explore more Fence Styles 

Privacy Fence: This type of fence will help you achieve an outside space that is secure and private. With a variety of heights to choose from, you can decide what is best for you. 

Picket Fence: This vinyl fence style is traditional and timeless, gracing your yard with a light and airy atmosphere while simultaneously providing you with the added benefits of security. If a picket fence is what you're after but want to shake things up with a modern look, CertainTeed offers various shapes, colors, and textures to choose from, like the Baron Select Cedar, which comes in a wide array of colors.