Estimating Home Measurements Made Simple

Say Goodbye to Days of Manual Estimates

Contractors, say goodbye to the days of taking manual estimates of a home before starting a renovation project. With the new HOVER or SnapQuote® Platforms, your smartphone or tablet can do the work for you.

HOVER transforms smartphone images of a home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model.  Using ground-level imagery, instead of aerial, for more accurate and detailed estimates, the online tool creates measurements to the nearest inch (aerial imagery is only to the nearest foot) and is able to estimate within 5% accuracy. Once you have your measurements, you can access them anytime on the app or send them to print as a PDF straight from your device.

It can also provide a basic and complete job report, up-to-date measurements and specific calculations like spaces between windows or soffit dimensions. It can even work around obstructions and distinguish between brick, siding or other materials to quickly present new cladding options.

SnapQuote, developed by contractors for contractors, is the only app that allows you to measure, generate a bill of materials and create a client proposal while on the jobsite. Using Spike, a laser measuring device that attaches to an iPad® it captures the precise measurement of a project in real time and with a portable printer installed in your company vehicle, you can even print the proposal right on site.   You can also easily add complimentary products to the portfolio of CertainTeed Siding products already loaded into the app.

HOVER and SnapQuote are great ways to save you time, help you gain a competitive edge and win more business. In fact, users experience an increase in close rates with both methods. Both are universal tools for any contractor to bring their business into the 21st century and make a splash with their clients.

For more information on the HOVER platform, click here, and for SnapQuote click here.