NAHB Credits – Fiber Cement Siding

NAHB CREDITS (Based on NAHB National Green Building Standard, published 2009) Possible Points
Resource Efficiency
601.7 No Site Applied Finishing Materials: Building materials or assemblies are utilized that do not require additional site-applied material for finishing. (ColorMax only) 2-5
602.8 Termite-resistant Materials: Use termite-resistant construction materials appropriate for the level of termite infestation probability as defined by the NAHB National Green Building Standard. 2-6
604.1 Recycled-content Materials: Use recycled-content building materials for two minor and/or two major components of the building with a recycled content of 25% or greater. 2-4
608.1 Locally Available, Indigenous Materials: Use indigenous materials for major elements of the building. 2
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