By offering high-performing, sustainable products, CertainTeed is able to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. During our eco-innovation process, we painstakingly assess our energy, water, waste, and transportation usage in an effort to reduce our potential environmental impact. Each of these components is integrated into CertainTeed’s eco-innovation process, making CertainTeed the preferred choice for innovative and sustainable building products. 

How CertainTeed defines sustainable products:

1. High-performance products with durable technical properties that fit the end-use application.
2. Products that actually help improve our environment by reducing environmental impact
    throughout the complete life cycle.
3. Products that enhance our users’ comfort and well being by reducing potential health risks.
4. Cost-efficient products through low-cost of delivery, installation, maintenance, repair, recycling.



CertainTeed is actively pursuing strategies to reduce our environmental impact, while increasing the sustainability of our operations and products. Along with our parent company, Saint-Gobain, we use Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) as a critical part of our eco-innovation program to identify impact reduction opportunities at every stage of the lifecycle and quantify those reductions for improved and second-generation products.

LCAs are a valuable tool for internal planning—and an excellent way to elevate product transparency to a new level. Findings from LCAs provide a new perspective to guide our decision-making around environmentally sound cladding options.

By carefully examining all environmental impacts throughout each phase of a product’s lifecycle—from raw materials and manufacturing, to transportation and use, to disposal and/or recycling—we gain a complete, accurate view of our product’s true sustainability.

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