SMARTCOAT™ 450 High Solids Silicone Coating is a 100 percent silicone-based, solvent-free, single-part roof coating. SmartFlash 450 creates a membrane that is vapor permeable, adaptive to temperature extremes, UV resistant, watertight, and weatherproof. This product exhibits outstanding ponded water resistance for direct bond over architectural surfaces such as low-sloped or flat roofing systems, vertical walls, masonry, granulated BUR/Mod-Bit, granulated APP, concrete, metal, single-ply membranes, and spray polyurethane foam (SPF) systems. This product may be used to re-coat existing silicone roof coatings and existing acrylic roof coatings. Refer to published SMARTCOAT specifications for installation guidelines. SMARTCOAT 450 meets or exceeds ASTM D 7281.

Technical Information


White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Santa Fe Tan, Black*


5G, 55G

Weight (lbs.)

58, 661

Maximum VOC


Solar Reflectivity (Initial/Aged)


Thermal Emissivity (Initial/Aged)



Less than 8 hours (RH dependent)

Full Cure

8-72 hours

Tensile Strength

>240 psi @ 73°F


>270% @ 73° F

Tear Resistance

>23 lbf/in @ 73° F

Solids by Volume


Solids by Weight


Permeance (Method B)

3.4 perms

Shelf Life

18 months (unopened containers, stored between 35°-75°F)


*Black is made-to-order, contact for pricing and minimum order.


Coverage: 1.5 – 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet, specification and warranty duration dependent.

Precautions: SMARTCOAT 450 High Solids Silicone Coating can be applied over properly prepared surfaces that exhibit ponded water, however, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) considers ponding water an undesirable nonstandard roofing practice and recommends that all roof systems be designed and built to ensure positive drainage. (See the NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual). This product may be used to re-coat existing silicone roof coatings and existing acrylic roof coatings. 

1. Clean roof surface thoroughly with SMARTCOAT 100 Roof Wash. Surface must be free of contamination that may inhibit adhesion. Surface must be clean and dry, free of moisture both on and beneath the surface before applying PRIMER, MASTIC (if applicable), or COATING.

2. If adhesion test indicates primer is required, prime surface with SMARTCOAT 210 Universal Primer; apply SMARTCOAT 200 Asphalt Bleed Blocker on bituminous surfaces to prevent staining.

3. Seal/repair roof as needed with SMARTCOAT 350/370.

4. Mechanically mix COATING before using. Do not thin product with solvent or other solutions. Apply only at temperatures between 40ºF and 110ºF and no threat of rain during application window or within 1 hour after application has ended.

5. Apply with heavy-duty roller or suitable spray equipment at minimum stated coverage rate or in accordance with SMARTCOAT specification. No more than 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet should be applied in a single-pass or application. Dry-to-touch in 2-8 hours; completely cured and walkable surface in approximately 72 hours.

6. Clean tools with mineral spirits or paint thinner, if coating has dried.  Refer to equipment manufacturers’ direction for cleanup of spray equipment.  SMARTCOAT 450 cures by reacting with moisture and will damage spray guns, pump equipment and/or hoses if left for prolonged periods.


For more information, see published SMARTCOAT specifications at

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Warranty Details

CertainTeed offers three asphaltic low-slope roof system warranty options: Limited Warranty on Materials, Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty, and Integrity Roof System No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty. CertainTeed warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection. Please download an overview of these warranty options for details. Consult with your contractor or CertainTeed Territory Manager to determine which warranty is best for your project.     

CertainTeed offers standard asphaltic low-slope roof system warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years. Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client.

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