FlintFast® FM-290 Base Sheet Fastener is a two legged fastener for attachment of base sheet to lightweight insulating concrete roofdecks. Designed specifically for applications that require maximum withdrawal resistance.

Fastener: Precision formed from polymer coated steel to prevent corrosion. 2.4" x 1.3" rectangular rib reinforced head. Two rectangular dual gripping legs. 1.7" long.

Disk: Precision formed from coated steel to prevent corrosion. Rib reinforced cap. 3.6" x 2.5"

Technical Information

Approvals: FM-290 fasteners maintain Factory Mutual, Underwriters Lab and Miami-Dade County approvals.

Fastening Pattern: Consult Factory Mutual, Underwriters Lab, or Miami-Dade requirements for recommended pattern in normal, exposed, and hurricane areas.

Field Testing: On-site withdrawal testing should always be performed to evaluate the ability of the roofing substrate to satisfactorily accept and retain fasteners. Such testing may alter fastener selection and modify applicable fastening patterns.


Equipment: Always use the 290 Driver to assure proper fastener installation.

See technical data sheet for detailed installation instructions.

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