FlintEDGE® Drain Through Gravel Stop is custom sized to meet your special requirements. Designed with internal straps for smooth, clean lines and ease of installation. External hangers are optional.

Technical Information

The Drain Through Gravel Stop is formed from .032" (0.80 mm), .040" (1.00 mm), and .050" (1.25 mm) aluminum. The sections are 10'-0" (3048 mm) in length with a 4" long concealed splice at each joint. Standard face size is 3-3/4" (95.25 mm). Slotted fastener holes on the deck flange make for easy installation and allow for expansion. Flow rate is calculated to be 267 gallons per hour per foot of gravel stop.


For detailed installation instructions, including diagrams, please refer to the installation guide.

Warranty Details

FlintEDGE is covered by CertainTeed's full system warranty.

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